IU’s new song ‘Love Wins All’ entered Melon TOP 100

1st place

1. After watching the MV, the song is even better. V’s acting is also so good

2. Among IU’s songs… it’s my favorite and the best

3. I really like the song, the lyrics, the vocals and the music video. I’m playing a song over and over again

4. IU is truly a legend

5. The song and MV are good, IU and V’s acting is good and the chemistry is the best!

6. I love this song so much

7. I like the song and IU’s voice is also so good. I also watched the MV and the chemistry between IU and V was good, their acting was good and I really liked it

8. As expected, IU

9. Her voice is amazing ㅠㅠ The song itself is a masterpiece

10. I really like this song ㅜ

11. Congratulations to IU, I really like the MV and song

12. The song is good, the MV is even better

13. I like this song and the MV is also so good ㅠㅠㅠ

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