IVE and LE SSERAFIM at the ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen’ press conference in real time

Because of the schedule, only 2 members of LE SSERAFIM attended?

1. Seriously, Wonyoung looks like a princess, she’s so cute and pretty

2. The IVE members are so pretty

3. Kazuha is my style ㅜㅜ I really like LE SSERAFIM these days!

4. Kazuha is so pretty

5. Everyone is pretty

6. Wonyoung looks like a goddess

7. Sakura and Wonyoung are so pretty

8. Even though Sakura and Kazuha are both Japanese, Kazuha looks like Koreanㅋㅋ

9. Wow… Kazuha is a goddess…ㅋㅋ

10. Kazuha’s clothes are so pretty

11. Sakura and Kazuha are so pretty

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You mean yourself? Shameless behind the scenes?


dang so it’s true then but lesserafim haven’t debut at Japan yet ?

maybe they will perform their title tracks in Jp ver ahead of their Jp debut I guess and since this will be held in December then I think lsfm will make their jp debut around jan/feb


which is why they’re getting backlash

Jon Xina

Yeah J nets are basicly ripping them. No one in Japan has any clue who they are lol.


more people know them than ive pls


they’re both equally irrelevant and unknown in japan. lsf’s lucky because at least they have sakura 😭


Nah, eleven did better tha Fearless in reality

12 and 1

Are you sure no one in Japan knows Sakura?


Stop trying to derail the conversation. This isn’t about Sakura, so keep the ““B-but they know Sakura!!!11!!” excuse to yourself.

Kohaku is a music festival that celebrates and honors Japan’s most beloved music. It makes no sense to invite an unknown group, yes LSF is an unknown group in Japan, with 0 Japanese songs.

Bring back discuss

Their songs are charting on Jpn spotify and apple music. Those jnets can cry all they like


Well they know Sakura , Sakura has been attending the show as AKB/HKT member for like four years straight and she’s either the center or the front members of those groups . Not sure about IVE tho , are they doing well there ?


Lmao not sure which website are you reading when jnetz are forgiving once they found out it is MIYAWAKI SAKURA


From what I see , both IVE and LSFM getting backlashes ( cause the jp-gp does not like korean/foreigners groups in that show) but at least IVE already debuted there , for lsfm’s case I guess it’s because of Sakura .


based on this https://www.nhk.or.jp/kouhaku/artist73/description.html
nothing on jp debut as a requirement.


Oh thank you . I thought they at least need a Japanese song to perform there


Jnetz are kinda upset yesterday when they announced that le Sserafim was attending the event, bcos they don’t know who LS is (coz they haven’t debuted in JP yet). But now that they saw Sakura is a member of LS, they’re saying it’s ok now that it’s understandable why LS can attend the event.


Exactly. Yet you are getting downvote because haters are jealous. Lmao


what rubbish. sakura is nugu. people don’t even use kkura’s name, just ‘oh, there’re jp members…’

Basically, I think that the kohaku stage had a status. It has very strict standards, and only those who have been certified as national stars by NHK can participate. And I think a lot of people have accepted that. But before I knew it, Kohaku had become a stage that anybody could do. So, the status of kohaku itself went down. I think kohaku will probably disappear in the near future. If the public no longer recognizes it as something special, it will lose its significance. Currently, even though it is a Japanese program, there are criticisms such as that there are a lot of K-POP whom no one knows about. so I think kohaku still has recognition now. But if the status disappears and peopel become indifferent without even criticising, it will be kohaku’s the end.

+6218, -197

It’s a problem that there are a lot of Johnny’s, … Kishida…, and there’s a problem with K-POP that I’ve never heard increasing. Is there’s really a demand for them on New Year’s Eve? I wonder what it would be like to shove the kpop groups so that everybody wouldn’t even want to listen to public broadcasting, which is based on subscription fees. If things continue like this, no matter how hard I try, the ratings for Kouhaku will continue to decline. Even if there are people who want to support the problematic groups (le ssera, kudo shizuka++), they will continue to decline.

+11301, -1171


I stopped reading at “sakura is nugu”. 🤷🏻‍♀

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