IVE and NewJeans are the top 2 of the 4th generation

IVE and NewJeans are the top 2 of the 4th generation

Followed by LE SSERAFIM and Aespa

But I’m confused whether (G)I-DLE is 4th generation or not

[+87, -48]

1. [+55, -23] Honestly, IVE and NewJeans are the top 2

2. [+45, -30] If Aespa is the B-list group then LE SSERAFIM is the C-list group. They are not on the same level to fight each otherㅋㅋ

3. [+31, -56] NewJeans, IVE >> wall > LE SSERAFIM >> Aespa

4. [+30, -35] IVE, NewJeans >>> Aespa >>>> LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX

5. [+20, -25] NewJeans >>>> IVE >> LE SSERAFIM > Aespa

6. [+8, -8] In my opinion, IVE, NewJeans >>> LE SSERAFIM >> (G)I-DLE >>> Kep1er >> Aespa

7. [+7, -2] I know that IVE fans always say they are on the same level as NewJeans, but their overseas achievements are too low compared to NewJeans

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aren’t knetz get sick of having this same debate every day


Nobody cares about ranking 4G girl groups except toxic PANN girls. Just enjoy the moment! No need to pit fandoms against each other


knetz really hate aespa don’t they, i mean that one comment putting them below kep1er? That’s hilarious.


Not LSRF and Aespa fans fighting about 3rd place lmao there’s no different if you aren’t 1st anyway

Goddess Garam

If Kim Garam still in Lesserafim, they too would be in the top. Kim Garam beautiful face, gracious personality and god-given talent would elevate them to new heights!


Somebody mentioned kep1er?? The nugu of nugu who have hueningkai’s sister as a member?

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