IVE and NewJeans win Rookie of the Year at the 2022 MMA

Rookie of the Year 2022 MMA – IVE, NewJeans

1. NewJeans, congratulations

2. Both groups are good

3. All IVE songs are good, congratulations

4. The NewJeans babies would have been so sad if they hadn’t won
Rookie of the Year Award

5. Congratulations to IVE and NewJeans!!! You guys did so well

6. IVE and NewJeans deserve Rookie of the Year

7. As soon as NewJeans debuted, all their songs did well on the charts, they deserve it

8. As soon as NewJeans songs came out, I was shocked, all 4 songs are so good

9. NewJeans deserve it, they became a hot topic and made 3 hit songs with just one album

10. I voted for NewJeans every day

11. I love NewJeans so much, congratulations

12. I really only listened to IVE and NewJeans songs this year

13. I like both so I’m so happy

14. I voted for IVE every day

15. NewJeans.. I listened to their songs this year

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I’m happy for New Jeans but Le Sserafim deserved the award more than Ive. Their music, their choreography, everything is better.


newjeans are actually rookies. lsf is a group of washed up girls who already debuted multiple times in different groups (and countries lol) or tried to but failed


chimp: riggedzone member
sakura: dozen who debuts with a new nose in a different group every two years

other members: i don’t even know their names… even that little bully girl has more hype than them lol


Good thing this is about Korea’s pick AND the actual results from Melon instead of you. 🙃

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