IVE, DreamCatcher, Loona, Kepler, and Brave Girls fans using fraudulent votes for 2022 MAMA

IVE, DreamCatcher, Loona, Kepler, and Brave Girls ranking in more than 100k votes beating out groups with monster fanbases like BTS, Stray Kids, and Seventeen.

They even had their discord exposed where its proven that they were cheating to help their favs win.

First with the Genie awards and now with the MAMA awards, the rigging of votes have gotten out of hand. These awards should step in and fix this issue because it’s unfair to the many fandoms and artist that deserves these awards based on their talent and hard work and not because their fans rigged it in their favor.

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what’s the tea with genie awards ?


disgusting and shameless behavior. we all want our favorite artists to win and get recognition but not like this.

there are thousands of fans that vote FAIRLY and LEGALLY and their hard work might be in vain because discord degenerates think it’s funny to cheat.

i genuinely hope mnet not only deletes all fraudulent votes but also disqualifies these groups from the category.


I feel sorry for Dreamcatcher, they have a unique concept that deserves to be appreciated, but this will surely affect their image. 


ive with 1.5m sales but couldn’t afford voting by their own😬😬


netizens talked about this before that ive’s sales are looks so weird and etc. they thinking they doing sajaegi in digitals and physicals but idk too. Just read the article weeks ago, when after like released,


Nah the Hanteo and Gaon numbers match and they have fansigns and other events that correlate to increases

But the probably are botting…happens with voting

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Their album sales are really sus……


Seriously when they surpassed bp and twice literally that was so sus. Like no matter what rn these two ggps have biggest and dedicated fandoms in kpop. Also the sudden surge was just so sus. Like they didn’t even try to hide the fact they cheating. I mean with even collab voting one could not reach those milestones they were claiming yesterday to reach. Tbh their fans just ruined these grps chances to be more popular in kpop. Cause I have seen even tho we claim we i fans are not bitter towards certain things. We actually are. DC in top 7 is like highly sus. Like I didn’t even know these ggps existed apart from loona cause I am kinda detached from k-pop so I was shocked when they overtook grps like bp twice nct127 got7 who have got big fanbases.


More popular in international k-pop fans*


Fr and they are trolling everyone that bring up the topic specially loona fans, I feel sorry for DC because the girls are really talented and their concept is quite unique


At least try to make believable 😭

WhatsThe Point

Let’s talk abt the superiority complex gg stans have because they stan “women” and call anyone not stanning women misogynists


All those gg stans are men. They’ll hide behind some kpop girl profile pic to tear down other female idols and female kpop fans.

Maple Puddin

Let them preach!!!


i saw a tweet about idk which awards votes & BTS was the last one with 3-4m votes & then got7 had 11m voted.what’s going on!?!?


Loona ive and kepl1er, im not surprised. But the way dreamcatcher’s fans are denying and saying that they are just good at voting makes me wanna puke. Let’s be real. Dreamcatcher is still practically nugu. No matter how dedicated a small group of fans, they cannot simply beat large fandoms.


Agree,its so clear on the first week of voting,their vote is cant even reach 100k but suddenly it jump to over 300k

Siobhan #BLM

I’m actually surprised the comments here are so aggressive. .botting happens a lot with voting so I’m not surprised…well I’m more surprised they are the only ones who got caught. 4th gen still too new lol


Lets wait for the final round and see how far the cheating group can go coz last round you can only vote for 1.these cheating group are really desperate to make their nugu group on top.its okay if they did it fairly but through cheating?you will be drag forever as a fraud group

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