IVE Jang Wonyoung who makes people believe it’s CG

1. Wonyoung is just a princess

2. She’s seriously a princess.. She’s so pretty

3. Her face is pretty, but her proportions are crazy too

4. Wow, she looks like a princess

5. Wonyoung-ah, thank you so much for being an idol

6. She looks like a game character…. Is she human?

7. She looks like a princess, I can’t believe it even when I see her with my own eyes

8. She looks like a Barbie dollㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Honestly, she’s prettier than CGㅋㅋㅋ I’m surprised every time I see her

10. Seriously, I adore her every time I see her… Isn’t it CG?

11. But I haven’t seen Wonyoung in real life… Actually…… I’m wondering if it’s CG……

12. Wow, she really looks like CG ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She really looks like a princess

13. I want to be born like Wonyoung in the next life

14. Wonyoung-ah, you look like a doll

15. Every time I see Wonyoung, I think that if a fairy existed, she would look like this

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Devil works hard but KAKAO works harder. There are idols who did splendid works in mama. Nmixx triple high notes, leserafim’s crazy dance, itzy performance, but you’re here translating about this useless talentless btch who is making money with just being pretty. Knets can f off


Jealous cause youre favs are flop and koreans dgaf, cry.
NMIXX? that group out of MelOn,bugs,genie? lmaoo


Dude if someone just said nmixx it doesn’t matter they stan nmixx. They can set them up. So it’s no brainer why you dragging nmixx like this. Just downvote their comment and be done with that.


They mentioned few groups and your focus is on Nmixx only?


Because nmixx are flops and she want to translate articles thatare not even trending lol


This article is trending on pann kakao has nothing to do since they only have facebook page and yall hoing crazy over that facebook 😂😂they don’t own pann and the girls you mentioned are not relevent in korea as half as wonyoung what should we do?🤣


You re mad toward teenager..she did nothing…she get viral every time in korea and international.
Wonyoung didnt control kakao…

Last edited 5 months ago by Monworld

YOU are useless talentless bitch who can only mock a teenager on the internet.


Hiding behind Guest. Come out coward. You’re mad because your faves didn’t get highlighted? Piece of shit. It’s disgusting how people on here upvoted this. Ya’ll are pathetic. This girl did nothing to you all but be born pretty and work hard. Take whatever issues you got with Kakao and Starsh*t and leave Won Young out of it.


Idk. I saw her by chance in some mama reaction videos and she seemed obsessed with posing for her fansites and looking perfect at all times. She’s a bit manufactured for me.


Obsessed?? Yall always have something to sayabout her


Actually this was my first time seeing her and knowing who she was. My first impression of her is that she seems self obsessed and disingenuous. She’s an idol I’m sure she’ll get over my opinion of her.


This is mma…no wonyoung..wonyoung was more Lively in mama even react at sneaker…stop overanalysed teenager overworked


Not even being rude to her like I can be.

If she doesn’t want to be criticized then she is in the wrong business. Y’all be babying these people like any negative opinion is a murder attempt. She comes across narcissistic. That’s my opinion, cope better.


K-POP itself is literally manufactured. IDK what ya’ll expect.


Is her hair that long? 👀


The comments re trash like internationalfans have big insecurity toward…wonyoung
Wonyoung eat up your favs..


This site got hybe stans, what dou u expe ted?


You’d probably feel more at home on panchoa or however you spell it. Everyone but HYBE is there but it’s the opposite effect lol


what do you mean? pnnchoa posted a lot of good articles about le sserafim and newjeans during their promo and a lot of weird misleading ive posts during their cb promo …


Oh please pannchoa hates Wonyoung too. Istg everybody keeps piling on this girl.


i don’t think she’s eating anything..



It’s gail

There’s something about her face that makes me uneasy. I think it’s her brows that don’t move with her facial expression. Reminds me of sad clowns

spicy spice

3. Her face is pretty, but her proportions are crazy too

this kind of comment make her starve herself more and more.


The insecurity of ifans in the comments here are quite pathetic lol.

Wonyoung is a lovely girl and will continue to thrive…her 4 years of hard work only shows her professionalism and dedication


did she tell you that?


Y’all are such ass lickers. No one cares about this girl and certainly not insecure about her… brand deals? Be serious


Urghhh i feel like throwing up..her face and that fake smile is soo cringe..my fingers curl every time i see her..


This comment section is disgusting. She’s a teenager. Ya’ll need to relax your hatred just because she’s pretty and popular.


Lmao idk wtf is the issue with some people here? Like, girlie looks pretty, why tf are there so many pressed people in the comment section??

Shame on you

I’m a BTS fan, even before BTS was famous & there isn’t Hybe just a small company Big hit. Seeing Hybe fandom bringing down other idols makes me sick, I feel bad for supporting Hybe in the past, even fans from YG can respect other fandoms more

Last edited 5 months ago by Shame on you
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