IVE Jang Wonyoung’s journalist pictures at the press conference for their comeback

1. She’s getting prettier and prettier…

2. Her makeup is especially pretty today

3. She’s seriously so pretty, I don’t think she’s human

4. She looks like a fairy

5. Wonyoung’s nose is a treasure

6. Her makeup, hairstyle, and outfit are perfect today

7. She was born to be an idol

8. Wonyoung has good looks, height, proportions, skin, she really has it all

9. I envy her, what did she do in her previous life to be born so pretty?

10. Is she an angel?

11. I can feel Wonyoung has grown up these days, but looking at her pictures today, she’s just a kid

12. It’s the best makeup I’ve ever seen

13. By my standards, Wonyoung is the prettiest in the world

14. She’s f*cking pretty

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