IVE Liz gets criticized for not managing her weight

IVE Liz today

[+184, -26]

1. [+211, -17] If they’re going to perform their b-side song, doesn’t that mean that they’ve already filmed the MV? It’s not like she wanted to look like that in the MV….. What the hell…. She’s impressive and her agency is impressive…

2. [+180, -12] I’m just curious about her thoughts, at this point she seems to be purposefully being a pain for her group

3. [+148, -18] She gained a lot of weight

4. [+135, -14] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She’s so consistent~ all I can say is that she’s so consistent…..

5. [+85, -7] Seriously, she needs to lose weight

6. [+51, -1] The company trusts Jang Wonyoung and An Yujin and doesn’t manage them

7. [+35, -1] Look at her chin, it’s really ugly

8. [+19, -1] Now I feel sorry for the rest of the members… Seriously

9. [+15, -0] The fans shielded her and waited for her for almost a year.. But Liz didn’t change, she didn’t show me how hard she worked

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I can’t find any problems about her weight.. she seems bubbly & healthy. Looking happy and confidence. These words can hurt her.. let’s give her only support.


she will be a pig in the group like a Jeongyeon in twice


You speak like you are underage maybe you are a super ugly underage. I mean you stan this super ugly person in your username so you have to be too…


says the biggest pig here

meow meow

mf all u do is troll under every damn post u need to get a job get friends talk to ur mother get out of ur dirty ass room and breathe fresh air u will be happier when ur not wasting ur life away trolling on a kpop news website


truth is not the same as trolling

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I don‘t wanna be rude or anything like that but what is your problem having a healthy body is not the same as being a pig(you shouldn’t call anyone a pig) Jeongyeon and Liz have healthy bodys and you all can‘t accept it


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just fat non-idol material. IVE its only WY and Yujin + 4 fillers

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she looks fat af


She’s totally fine . What do you mean ? If they lose weight they get hate , if they don’t they get hate . Stop and get yourself a life . Liz is great I really like her voice.


better be an anorexic like WY then peppa pig like this.

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I always feel like a lot of kpop idols are under weight. Her weight is normal for healthy perspective. It is really normal guys… she has good voice, fun character and many dives still love her. Body shamming is not good for young girls like her.. she loves singing & dancing and she is on the road of her dreams; we only need to support her.


I bet liz look totally normal without camera lens that purposefully adding weight

Knetz feel no sorry on fatshaming or praising all bones body goals (but not sure if they would do it themselves, starve themselves to bones for body goals), seriously…..

Joseph Garner

I don’t mean to be rude to anyone criticising her weight but do fuck off.

d d

love this take! yes, to all you people criticizing a teenager without knowing a thing about her — kindly fuck off.


I have never seen a more pathetic comment section. Who do these people think they are to judge a girl who is just trying to do what she’s enjoys? It’s just sad and infuriating.


can she trying to do what she`s enjoys out of kpop please.

d d

google how to block freeseungri forever on all platforms because they suck


Who cares about her weight, the only problem here is that awful outfit


The most important thing is to be healthy. Having a double chin is not exclusive to people who gain weight or people who are overweight.


leave her alone!


Tbh I really wish she would lose weight. Yeah I know it’s not politically correct or whatever but whether people admit it or not an idol’s image is important. Comparing the to a group like New Jeans that’s super popular where each member is able to hold their own a bring in huge number of fans individually, and popularity is almost evenly distributed, IVE on the other hand still feels like they are surviving off Yujin and Wonyoung.

Just imagine if Yujin and Wonyoung weren’t in the group and Liz chose to act like that. I bet no matter what she’d have to put effort into managing herself. But because IVE has Wonyoung and Yujin they whole group is guaranteed success. I can only imagine what other trainees or girls who got dropped fro. IVE must think after how they probably worked desperate to manage their image just for a chance to debut only Liz to debut and then get an instant free ride to success and not have to put in any effort.

This is why a group like New Jeans where every member is equally pretty will pull ahead in the end.


May be a lot of people idea’s types are NJ.. for me I like their songs & listen their every release but they are not my utimate favs. I support & like them as musicians but their visuals are not my taste.. It is normal when you’ve become celebrities you will have people who like you & some people who don’t like you.

But I don’t critize NJ’s visuals, fashion & looks even I don’t like. Because I think that we need to set our boundaries of being a fan to our artists. We can like them, support them but even if we don’t find likeable stuffs just pass it and don’t attack the young girls. She will be stress out about this situation because she can easily search herself and we really need to support.


Of course you don’t judge New Jeans appearance because all of them fit the beauty standard of what is expected as an idol so what exactly is there to criticize??? Each one of the members already have high fashion brand endorsements just to add to the point. Something Liz will likely not see because because at the end of the day everyone is in this industry to make money.

Wake up this is the real world. You guys can spout as much body positively crap as you want but idols are idols for a reason. If she can’t handle the stress or be able to manage herself then she should just quit and not drag the group down with herself.

The annoying thing is the people always going “she looks fine the way she is” are the same people who probably don’t even spend money on the group. They always support idols like this out of pity but wouldn’t actually stick around to financial support them.

And again, the only reason IVE is doing so well now is because of Yujin and Wonyoung stans carrying the others. But at least Gaeul, Rei, and Leesoo can help by building their individual brands. But Liz? When was the last time she got any major brand deals? Be serious. If Liz was by herself she would never make it in the industry. I’m honestly wondering why it is Starship chose her atp. I’m sure they had plenty of others they could have chosen from to be a main vocal.

d d

why in the world do you think this is something within her control? she’s a growing teenager; we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes with her. and comparing her to Wonyoung and Yujin is wrong. what if we normalized idols not being physically perfect and focused on talent instead? what could possibly happen? OMG could we get better music? adjust your eyes and stop criticizing a teenager.



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So safe behind a screen, but they wouldn’t be able to live a day in her shoes

meow meow

she’s the best singer in the group so who cares? these ppl commenting probably look like a knowing bros cast member do not speak abt this 18 year old girl


singer in the >>>idol<<< group. u fckin protector of pigs

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meow meow

shut ur ass up troll i’ll fight with others not u ur annoying as fuck

d d

freeseungri isn’t worth the pixels they use on our screens.


It’s the least she can do. Had she decided to let herself go like this on top of being talentless? Tah.

meow meow

i’m sorry ur mother didnt love u enough to raise u right i wish things turned out better for u i rly do


That the best u can do lol?

d d

your case is especially sad. the things you say about others reveal your personality and your own insecurities, and TBH I just feel sorry for you. best of luck. I sincerely hope you grow past your mean girl phase and become a kind person.

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Damn even for me this comments are so cruel


Ah seriously they are dragging and 18 year old to death. Leave her the fuck alone


can i say this?, damn she looks hella cute!!, i swear.

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