IVE shows off their legendary visuals on the 2022 MAMA red carpet

IVE on the 2022 MAMA red carpet

1. The members are all tall, I envy them

2. Princess Wonyoung is so pretty

3. They are all so pretty today

4. Jang Wonyoung is a princess today

5. Gaeul is f*cking pretty

6. Gaeul and Liz’s outfits are so pretty and suits them so well

7. Liz, why are you so pretty!!!!!

8. Wow these days, Gaeul is so pretty, Liz too

9. How can they be so pretty?

10. Wow, Yujin is so pretty, everyone is pretty

11. Liz is seriously so pretty

12. They are all so pretty and the clothes are pretty too

13. Liz and Leeseo are so pretty, the outfits are pretty too, the two of them have perfect outfits

14. Yujin is amazing. Everyone is so pretty

15. Leeseo’s clothes are so pretty

16. I think each of them wears what suits them best

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