IVE’s coordi was stupid today

Wonyoung’s shoulders and red shoes

Rei’s bag

Gaeul’s shoes

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s bad and it’s funny

1. Since Wonyoung is the MC, is she dressed like that?

2. But why is Wonyoung wearing something like that?

3. Rei’s bag is cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Gaeul’s outfit is too disproportionate

5. The red shoes are a bit disappointing ㅠㅠ

6. Am I the only one who thinks they’re pretty? They look like princesses

7. Their outfits are messy

8. Yujin, Gaeul, and Leeseo’s outfits are so pretty

9. I’m disappointed with the members’ outfits

10. Their outfits are so ugly, Wonyoung stands out from the other members

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Wonyoung doing too much to standout and outshine her comembers lmao. Wtf is she wearing???

Last edited 5 months ago by Lol

she is mc for the show you want her to change 10times? so she doesnt standout for you get help


It’s not her fault at all but it is as easy as dressing the rest of the members with golden.


Sge is the mc and why are ypu guys soo mean to her.. yall are disgusting cause even if she is not the mc it’s obviously the coordi’s fault not her


You sound stupid.


she is the only pretty one in ive and carries the group to fame. if she wasn’t in the group ive would be irrelevant.


they not even try to ride that they only care about wony0ung

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Lmao she is the mc thats why she have long dress and it’s ugly dress with bad finishing looks cheap. they didn’t care for her that much to get good dress


They already mentioned on the comments that she is the mc but yall still wanna hate her

Dot Com

The more I see of wonyoung the more I dislike her. She and her company paint her as very narcissistic


Its your faul to hate a 18 yrs old teenager because of the outfit.. touch sone grass yall need help

Dot Com

What does her age have to do with likability? When you become an idol you open yourself to criticism. She ain’t 5 years old, get over it. She’s grown.

Her outfit is the less of my concern. Her personality is self obsessed.


Genuine question, what makes you think that? Has she done something? I saw so many people disliking her but idk what shes done to warrant it


I just know your ass is fat and ugly get help. Jealousy is a disease and it’s terminal. 🤢


idk man , I don’t blame Wonyoung for this but on whoever is their stylist for red carpets , I mean why their outfits on airport are tons better than their red carpets outfits that are broadcasted live.

I get it , those probably are sponsored clothes but idk man , as their stylist, you can make their outfits mesh well together like no need to put them in same colour and design but make their looks different but compliment towards each other


Wonyoung being pushed all the time makes me lose interest about her and her group. I’m just sick and tired of seeing her face. She is becoming annoying too.


She is in her MC outfit. LOL


She is the mc … and she being pushed cause she is the most popular member in korea believe it or not she is the most popular 4thgen idol on korea and starshit is mid sized company they can’t make all of them popular they need to take advantage from the most popular member


Internet nobody #1948798902222 vs. 3 time daesang winner, it girl, rich, fabulously wealthy, Gorgeous teen star. While ur out here crying she out there getting her bag lmao.


ok miss wonyoung and others

spicy spice

yujin was the only one who look normal.


This is messy and self-centered..those outfits are ugly and sooo discoordinate.. that wooyoung girl is cringe no matter what she does…


Is it normalfor yall to hate on her without any reason?? What did she do to you?



& friends


She is the mc dumbest


They went to their moms closet ang pick the expensive one


They need to change their stylist bc ive looks so much older compared to the girls from le sserafim and theyre older than ive on the average


I mean, I’m kinda confused by Rei’s look. It seems off here. I understand why Won Young’s look would be off as she’s the MC, but Rei??? Also the dress kinda ages Won Young…


What are their stylists thinking istg. These girls are teenagers but they dress them up like they’re already in business for 20 years. The red dress Wonyoung wore later was gorgeous but this white one looks so aged. The other girls’ outfits too look like they’ve been in the closet for years. Can Starship pls get a new stylists for the girls??


Wonyong and her girls~


its really just starting to look like wonyoung & co workers
(this aint about the outfits ik its her mc outfit)


wonyoung & the ivettes

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