IVE’s current state today after changing makeup shop

IVE’s current state today after changing makeup shop

1. Wow they look so much better, they should have changed it sooner

2. They are all so pretty, especially Ahn Yujin, this makeup suits her much better

3. They look more natural, right? Wonyoung looks so much better.. I think Liz’s hair looks cuter than her previous hair

4. Am I the only one who thinks they looked better in the past? Their makeup on stage looks so boring now

5. Well, they look much better, especially Ahn Yujin and Gaeul

6. I think Wonyoung looks prettier after changing makeup shop

7. I don’t know about makeup, but they’re all pretty

8. Everyone is much better, except Rei

9. Wonyoung and Leeseo are definitely better

10. Gaeul looks like a goddess

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Chinese Wonyoung. Fake Wonyoung.

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