IVE’s ‘I AM’ live encore stage on The Show

1. Liz sings well, her voice is good too

2. Leeseo and Wonyoung sing better than I thought

3. Liz and Yujin are too good, Leeseo is also stable and Wonyoung has improved a lot, but Gaeul doesn’t seem to practice much

4. Seriously, what is Gaeul doing?… Maybe she didn’t practice at all

5. Have you watched other idols’ encore stages? I think they did well

6. Gaeul needs to practice more. Liz is really good. The rest of the members seem fine

7. Wow Liz’s voice is so good

8. Liz and Yujin are really good and I can see Leeseo working hard

9. Everyone did well and Liz is really good

10. Except for Jang Wonyoung and Gaeul, they did well

11. I don’t know, but I was surprised that the maknae sang so well

12. They did well except for Gaeul

13. Liz is amazing

14. Liz and Ahn Yujin are doing so well!

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