IVE’s LOVE DIVE live performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards is getting divided opinions

[Blue Dragon Film Awards] IVE’s LOVE DIVE performance is almost live today

1. Liz and Rei sing well

2. No, the sound was bad, but they sang well while dancing, they did so well, the haters really have nothing to do

3. I can hear their breathing… The sound was bad, right?

4. Seriously they are fine..

5. There are a lot of idols who can do better than thisㅋㅋㅋ

6. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either

7. Jang Wonyoung can’t sing…

8. Liz is really good, Rei is doing well too

9. That’s why idols aren’t singers…

10. I don’t know, but Rei did so well

11. I thought it was an acoustic accident because I could even hear their breathing… Considering they used the mic over their ears while dancing, I think their live performance was good

12. Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect too much, it’s not a difficult song but I think they sang it well

13. They did better than I thought

14. I thought they did well, but I was surprised when I saw the comments

15. I don’t know much about idols these days, but do you guys really think they did well?

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i see u

newjeans is much better


New jeans backtrack are damn loud, they barely sing shits and let’s be real their songs aren’t even vocal challenging. Meanwhile in ive performance u can hear their breathing and they did well

i see u

did well? haha only rei and liz, the rest are bad

and newjeans got a better reaction from the actors

Last edited 9 months ago by i see u

All ive members sing live it was 90% live. You can’t say newjeans are better cause they literally didn’t sung live it was loud backtracks and you barely hear their real voices


Got better reaction my ass, the camera didn’t even show the audience during ive performance lmaooo


generally if the audiences’ reactions are good the camera would show it. so you have to wonder why didn’t they show it?


Yah but you can hear the actors cheering for ive it was sooo loud especially during the dance break


idt that are actors cheering. the tones were too high like fans screaming. that’s why it curious that the camera didn’t show the actors’ face. if the actors are rly excited the camera wld show it like when the other performers are performing. the camera even showed when tangwei was crying.


Rei liz and yujin were so good and the rest are good too but what makes you think newjeans did it better? Cause they didn’t even sing live kpop stans are so dumb you can’t see the difference? What is live and what is not?


Why the downvoting you lol people here are so dumb if they really think newjeans performance was live


NewJeans barely sang


What do you mean? Newjeans didn’t sung live today it was 80% loud backtracks


Look at the nj fans downvoting. Well, truth hurts. They are just a group with members who are not too good and not too bad. Being popular because ot the name min hee jin and hybe.


You guys liking NJ just because Koreans are liking NJ, cause if they’re really popular overseas then their Youtube views won’t be that low. Some of you are basically just trying to fit in but don’t really bother to support them properly lol. Hivemind? More like Hybemind hurray!


it’s a mid off


As Kakao is under investigation I won’t be able to virally manipulate the articles LOL


The way you mentioned kakao over only ive’s article yall hate ive so bad


lol at the irony.

your fav’s company is literally paying journalists and bots to write negative things about other girl groups.


Last time I checked, Starship did not do that, it was Kakao. And, last time I checked again, those journalists were also writing negative articles about IVE, especially Wonyoung. The journalists were writing articles about whatever trending topic, good and bad.


If you compare them to 2nd gen , of course you think they are terrible buy for a 4th gen group , this is quite good .

My only complain for Starship is to please give a good choreo to IVE 🙏🏻 I realized their choreography emphasized more on hand/arms movement and most of the times the choreo makes their performance looks stuffy/messy. Idk if their choreographer is the same as wjsn cause wjsn’s choreos are very beautiful and amazing .


Yeah their choreo looks underwhelming and awkward when without the typical music show camera shots


They did so well kpo stans forgot how live looks like


i cant stand leeseo, kid are you trying to be wonyoung w super mega next level micro expression?? stop those kind of trend pls, its fkin cringy


kids are allowed to be cringy, meanwhile you’re too old to be acting like this

Last edited 9 months ago by Angie

Why the audience so dead, like damn live a little


I’m a SHINee and Jaejoong fan. If SHINee had done something like this as rookies they’d never live it down. But then again, SHINee had two of K-pop best vocalists ever.


i will never understand why companies bother sending idol groups to the Blue Dragon Film Awards. the crowd mostly consists of actors and actresses who all act like they’re above everyone else and have never heard or seen a kpop act in their life lol
you can look up any kpop group that’s ever performed there(from snsd to tvxq). it’s always the same thing. dead crowd


What is ‘almost live’ means 😭??


No wow factor at all. Looked like a high school talent show. I shouldn’t expect more anyway from an idol group who have no passion to be true performers.


It looked like middle school talent show. No energy and all around flat performance. Noticed alot of ggs have great recorded performances when camera pans close up and stuff but in a live performance it does not translate well

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