IVE’s LOVE DIVE live performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards is getting divided opinions

[Blue Dragon Film Awards] IVE’s LOVE DIVE performance is almost live today

1. Liz and Rei sing well

2. No, the sound was bad, but they sang well while dancing, they did so well, the haters really have nothing to do

3. I can hear their breathing… The sound was bad, right?

4. Seriously they are fine..

5. There are a lot of idols who can do better than thisㅋㅋㅋ

6. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either

7. Jang Wonyoung can’t sing…

8. Liz is really good, Rei is doing well too

9. That’s why idols aren’t singers…

10. I don’t know, but Rei did so well

11. I thought it was an acoustic accident because I could even hear their breathing… Considering they used the mic over their ears while dancing, I think their live performance was good

12. Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect too much, it’s not a difficult song but I think they sang it well

13. They did better than I thought

14. I thought they did well, but I was surprised when I saw the comments

15. I don’t know much about idols these days, but do you guys really think they did well?

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