J-Hope on the 2022 MAMA red carpet drives netizens crazy

J-Hope on the 2022 MAMA red carpet

1. Hobi-ah, you look so cool today

2. Well, I thought it was GD for the first 10 seconds of the video

3. His expression is crazy, his charisma is no joke

4. Hobi is so cool

5. Hobi, why are you so sexy??

6. It’s cold, Hobi needs to be warmed up

7. His aura is crazy

8. Wow look at his expression.. Daebak

9. Hobi, don’t be like that

10. J-Hope is cool, he’s a superstar there

11. Crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Jung Hoseok is crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. J-Hope… I will sue you!

13. Wow.. Why is he so cool?ㅋㅋㅋ

14. Hoseok-ah, it’s cold

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The expression on his face says it all: he came to kill.




please stop mentioning hagdragon 😑


Knets have a criminal fixation


They like people who use drugs 🤷🏻‍♀️


If only they supported his album like the rest of us, very disappointed in karmys.


Im not even mad that LYW won… he got it fair and square its genuinely on karmys fault bc look at jhope’s GLOBAL scores, intl armys were giving him our 100%


Armys in korea have not collectively supported bts for years unfortunately. Dynamite, butter was carried by gp and still is just like spring day has foe years.


I’m surprised yet to come didn’t do well since Korea has a thing for ballads and spring day is still charting.


Yeah I don’t mind him winning but the Jay Park one, we had that in the bag and if they streamed Hobi could’ve won.


Blame hybe for giving us 10$ cardboard album, i was excited to bought the album but hell nah….in my currency 10$ alrd expensive enough for album and it’s before shipping and tax


L take lmaoo armys literally buy pcs that are worth $100. it didn’t do well bc karmys didn’t care to stream and some even tried to boycott his album bc they didn’t get what they wanted


Karmy has been coddled for years. For some reason international armys think karmys are above reproach and shouldn’t be shamed for their lack of effort but if the US did half their shit it’d be a whole new blame game.

Lazy Banana

They should be shamed seriously. They always refuse to support individual outputs. I remember they keep solo songs out of the biggest karmys playlist. They don’t vote for the members in solo categories in award shows. It was so ridiculous when at one point a member of a lesser known gg got nominated cause the fans streamed and voted for her song but a BTS member wasn’t? Like, bro they’re supposed to be the biggest fandom in there 💀

meow meow

karmy are so useless they can barely be called army atp

WhatsThe Point

This sexy ass man


Woah 🥵 man came ready to commit More Arson.


Hobi: sex on legs


2nd one check your eyes


Stop comparing my man to that criminal… jhope is sooo much better than him.

Lazy Banana

2. Well, I thought it was GD for the first 10 seconds of the video

What’s with the obsession with the criminal group? Istg, the criminal stans are so disgusting


Damn 👑


@BTS_twt wins at the 2022 MAMA Awards:

🏆 Worldwide Icon of The Year (Daesang)
🏆 Album of the Year (Daesang)
🏆 Artist of the Year (Daesang)
🏆 MAMA Platinum
🏆 Best Male Group
🏆 Worldwide Fans Choice
🏆 Most Popular Male Artist — J-hope
🏆 Bibigo Culture & Style — J-hope
🏆 Best Collaboration — That That (Suga and Psy)
🏆 Best Dance Performance Solo — That That (Suga and Psy)
Fandom hug armys 🥳

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