J-Hope seems to be working really hard in his military life

J-Hope seems to be working really hard in his military life

I’m so happy to see him

I hope he will complete his military service in good health

[+491, -26]

1. [+86, -22] No, he’s so handsome

2. [+71, -7] He still looks good even in the military

3. [+62, -5] Don’t get injured and be discharged safely ㅜㅜㅜ Can’t wait for him to be discharged and do solo activities

4. [+39, -6] He’s so pretty…

5. [+15, -0] His smiling face is so pretty

6. [+13, -4] Wow, he’s handsome and has good skin, right?ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

7. [+11, -3] Every time I see J-Hope, I feel that he looks more handsome in everyday life than he’s on stage with makeup and dyed hair

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Yes. Hobi looks 1000 times better without makeup. Some idol looks better without idol makeup..including female idol. Lesserafim sakura is one of them. She looks better without heavy makeup


Better than you and your talentless idol by 10000000000 times.


You think you ate. You look pathetic since you always earlier than army when it comes to hobi article. We know you are jealous with him..so keep crying lmfao


Better than you and your whole family obviously


This is not school, kid. Go back to school or continue to drink your milk lol


Yes. I remember sakura bare face (or maybe shes wearing light makeup..idk) on leniverse..shes so pretty and 100 times better..but she looks good with certain makeup too like during year end show (i think its sbs gayo daejun)


Better where 🤣


You change your acc cuz your comment got deleted lol. Awww poor you. Go back to school and learn what is better hehehehe


Dont shy. Use your acc “shug” back lol. Love to see you cry over non-active idol..thats happened when you’re obsessed with bts member more than your flop fav lol


Glad hes doing well. Cant wait for hope on the street content…its probaly going to release on jitb 1st anniv


I think the same thing too since suchwita decorated the set with jitb pic

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Hobi no1 fan is here lol. Keep crying, b1tch. Go fap to your useless idol. Oops they are hideous and talentless


You are obsessed with jhope. Thats happened when your fav is talentless and didnt care abt you lol


Why are you talking abt your flop fav here?


Your unknown fav? Yes. But why you diss your fav here? Lol

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Hoseok ALWAYS works really hard.

Teenaged puppy

Hobi looks so good but it must again be said that Korea doesn’t deserve bts


A lot of irl testimonies say jhope looks so much better in person than in photos and videos. He’s just not photogenic.

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