J-Hope shares Instagram story of Supreme Boi supporting his work, why BTS rapline keeps being associated with Supreme Boi knowing of his misogynistic behavior?

J-Hope updated his Instagram story by sharing Supreme Boi supportive post, Supreme Boi is well known for his more than problematic past making songs denigrating women and associating himself with someone like Iron with who he co wrote a song that talks about r*pe fantasies, why BTS rapline keeps being close friends with Supreme Boi when he has never expressed regret over his behavior and even less apologized for it? Why Hybe keeps giving him a job and BTS keeps working with him till today, when RM (as told by armys) is a feminist and support women,how he can be friends with someone who oposes to all that…

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Here blinks go again 💀 Second article on this exact topic but yall wanna cry blasphemy when your energy is being returned lmaoo

Until yall learn how to mind your own and get the hell out of BTS&ARMYs’ business, TRUST I’m gonna be liking and hyping every single hate tweet or/and article I see about those 4 dozens; God bless ♡


Blonk are trying so hard. First jimin, now hobi? Lol


Now this site will be a battle of posts between blinks and armys to see who can be more hypocritical? Go watch a movie people


Here blinks trying hard 🤣

WhatsThe Point

If blinks are trying so hard then they’re probably hiding something. They always do this


Ofc it’s bc of Jennie’s sht show


No one’s going to forget Jennie idolizing and praising r***ists just bc y’all do this blinks 😭


blonks shut up already if you don’t want army to bring the whole history of Blackpink working and partying and dating problematic men, criminals and human traffickers

From seungri to mino to gd …. Not forgetting jennie praising the weird director and his twisted mind

Fuck you

Blackpink literally in yg the prostitute comp lol. Friends with rapist, dog abuser, druggies, etc. Worry abt your useless fav first. They only love to put down other woman just like their stupid fans


Blinks crying and throwing up whenever armys attacks blackpink when y’all doing this. Be thankful armys don’t give a sht on pann. Y’all gonna call them misogynistic again

Color color stan

Supreme boi is an employee at hybe so go question hybe. What is whorennie’s excuse for being bestfriends with rapist alexander wang and being in a relationship with gd, a dog abuser and criminal enabler hmm?


Y’all keep trying on this user generated content, give it a REST


He is disgusting 🤢


No, you are. Also, find more creative instead of such clichés.


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not surprised, Jhorse is bff and support that racist Crush


not surprised, the reason of SM groups flopped so much is because they have stupid fans


Sm artist are bunch of criminal lol. They’re just same as yg. Well their boss is wanted criminal lol.


Hoseok shared all the producers and artist friends on his stories. But you lie on his social media accounts, before army to criticize jhope 🤣


you stan seungri aka a r@pist too lmlaoooo


wow I did not mean that sadly my comment got mixed up

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seungri is free

gj Jhorse, money not smell right ? 🙂 rapist suporter .!.


stfup! the only r@pist here is seungri 💩


The fact that this only comes up with bangtan members shows their real issue. Where’s the uproar about Supreme Boi working with TXT or Le sserafim or Nct dream or enhypen??


No one cares


Of course it’s blinks


Bcs bts supports misogyny since long time ago. We been know from their leader’s words itself. But their fans are burying it like expert criminal

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