Jamboree Organizing Committee requested BTS goods after BTS couldn’t perform

“BTS goods will be there”… Jamboree, the secret connection with the typhoon

The BTS members won’t be physically present, their faces surely will be, in the form of photo cards

In lieu of the members’ presence, HYBE decided to dispatch BTS goods. This was made in response to the Jamboree Organizing Committee’s request for BTS goods. They are hurriedly collecting around 45,000 items

1. It’s disgusting….

2. What can they do without BTS? They are ba$tards

3. They can’t do their job, they’re shameless, they’re stupid

4. The people at Jamboree aren’t even ARMYs… The merchandise only makes sense to the fans

5. It’s 2023, right?

6. Will this really happen in 2023? What the hell is going on in our country?

7. Is this North Korea?

8. I feel sorry for BTS who are being taken advantage of

9. They’re so stupid, why are they so obsessed with BTS?

10. A government that only thinks about using BTS

11. They are just bullies

12. This is the first time I feel sorry for HYBE, it’s not easy to make money anyway

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