Jang Wonyoung won’t take the SAT this year

Jang Wonyoung won’t take the SAT this year… “Focus on activities”

Jang Wonyoung considered for a long time whether or not to take the SAT, but now she has made this decision to focus on her activities

1. Will she be an adult next year?? Why does she still look like a middle school student? Is it because I saw her in Produce?

2. Honestly, I don’t think female celebrities need to go to college

3. Wonyoung is an adult now

4. In my memory, Wonyoung is in elementary school, but when did she enter high school?

5. Time flies so fast… Wonyoung is about to become an adult too..

6. Wonyoung will turn 20 years old next year???? She’s still a kid in my eyes ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

7. I don’t think she has time to study because she has a lot of schedules

8. She doesn’t need to take the SAT now because her path is clear

9. Honestly, she doesn’t really need it

10. Wonyoung will be in her 20s next year!

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