Japan Oricon sales ranking for K-pop singers for the past 5 years

1 BTS 52,194 billion yen
2 TWICE 19,034 billion yen
3 Seventeen 15,113 billion yen
4 TVXQ 5,477 billion yen
5 ENHYPEN 4,069 billion yen
6 TXT 3,617 billion yen
7 Stray Kids 3,060 billion yen
8 BLACKPINK 2,497 billion yen
9 NCT 127 2,196 billion yen
10 IZ*ONE 2,083 billion yen

11 SHINee 1,896 billion yen
12 Kim Jaejoong 1,786 billion yen
13 Treasure 1,704 billion yen
14 Big Bang 1,470 billion yen
15 Monsta X 1,031 billion yen
16 Kep1er 882 million yen
17 IVE 833 million yen
18 iKON 783 million yen
19 EXO 771 million yen
20 Aespa 728 million yen

21 ITZY 694 million yen
22 Taemin 694 million yen
23 NCT Dream 693 million yen
24 LE SSERAFIM 614 million yen
25 Astro 614 million yen
26 ATEEZ 578 million yen

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1. BTS didn’t even have a lot of activities in Japan

2. Even though Seventeen is promoting without a Japanese label, it’s amazing that they’re doing well

3. BTS lives in another world and TWICE is the best among female idols

4. TREASURE is also popular in Japan

5. No matter how you look at it, in Japan the boy group is BTS, and the girl group is TWICE

6. Kim Jaejoong’s solo is amazing

7. It’s like BTS is not K-Pop, BTS is different from K-Pop

8. Wow BTS is amazing

9. I thought it was tour sales, but it’s just album sales

10. Looking at Seventeen, I’m curious about them this year

11. BTS is crazy

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japan taste


#7 spilled!!

Bring back discuss

Japan love BTS like they’re Japanese tbh


Well japanese have got impeccable taste


BTS relevant everywhere

My Euphoria

Kingtan. 💜 👑


EXO tease

Jon Xina

7. It’s like BTS is not K-Pop, BTS is different from K-Pop

Japan didn’t get the message when every solo flopped brutally and their last song, Yet To Come totally flopped in Japan too lol.


yet to come is a fan song saying good bye for their hiatus. and they say outloud there that chart, awards and popularity is not their goal for the next chapter.

their solo might be flopped compared to BTS numbers, but BTS members basically have all the records for kpop solos worldwide (some of them are even bigger than current kpop groups record). so if their solo flopped, we can say kpops as a whole flopped except for BTS.


They don’t promote in jpn since 2021, and solo songs didn’t even had normal promo rollouts, not even in sk. Yet to come still had better streams than most of groups in oricon and other jpn platforms pls💀


BTS is bigger than kpop fr


Ok…then why are they still getting included in these k-pop tags then. Do something about that first.


Why is BTS not kpop? They are literally Korean pop singers


even Stray Kids is bigger than Blackpink in Japan 💀


BTS sleeps with many men to make money

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