Jealousy Towards Jungkook and His Fanbases Becomes More Toxic, as the BTS ARMY Bully, Doxx, and Cause a Jungkook Fan to Lose Her Job

The dark side of the K-Pop fandom world has been exposed again, as the BTS ARMY targets and harasses fanbases for one of their own members. For years, members of the fandom who have other biases have been extremely jealous of Jungkook: the main vocalist and center of BTS. For 10 years, the fandom has not wanted him to have any lines in songs, made cruel jokes at his expense, trended horrible hashtags against him, not supported his music, and have always voted for others over him for awards. Any fan who shows support for Jungkook or claims that Jungkook is their bias, is automatically bullied off social media. Fans can not even praise the K-Pop Idol freely on any platform, without receiving tons of hate for every comment. Although the BTS members have started their solo work in chapter 2, the BTS ARMY still refuses to support Jungkook as an individual artist. Most recently, the fandom voted against him as a soloist at the iHeartRadio Awards. What is incredibly impressive is that his own huge solo fandom fought extremely hard and came extremely close in the total number of votes, rivaling the BTS ARMY. Jungkook’s own solo fandom is growing larger each day, while many Jungkook biased ARMYS are turning into solo fans after observing the lack of support for Jungkook by both his company and the BTS ARMY.

Recently, the attacks and harassment of Jungkook’s fanbases have become worse. The BTS ARMY have openly admitted to bullying Jungkook’s fanbases and falsely reporting them to get their accounts removed off social media. The fandom has proudly admitted that they want Jungkook to have no support system. Before his song “Dreamers” was released last year, the fandom mass reported and removed a large number of Jungkook’s biggest fanbases off of Twitter. They even openly celebrate when they achieve their goals.

The fandom is demonstrating that they are unable to adjust to the changes of chapter 2. All 7 members of BTS are now solo artists and will clearly have solo fans after releasing solo music. A healthy fandom would welcome this support for the artists they love. The fandom has turned chapter 2 into a massive jealous fan war, obsessed with trying to take down Jungkook’s support system and desperately trying to break the records he set before he has even debuted as a solo artist. Jungkook stills continues to be the most successful and popular K-Pop Idol in the world, with the support of the general public for his music. Jungkook holds the record for the biggest streaming year in history for a K-Pop Idol on Spotify. This fact threatens the fandom and the BTS ARMY is breaking apart due to jealousy.

The attacks on Jungkook’s fanbases include continuously hacking and attempting to destroy his fan website, getting a fan fired from her job, making death threats, and to openly wishing harm to his fans and fanbases. On April 5th, the Jungkook Radio fanbase account on Twitter was hacked by the BTS ARMY. The fanbase admin had mentioned that “big Ot7 BTS ARMY accounts” were targeting her. According to posts from the fan, they were demanding that she share her radio work with them. On Instagram, she revealed that they had doxxed her, sent over 5,000 emails and calls to her work, resulting in getting her fired from her job. She also revealed that she no longer has access to her Twitter account, and she closed down all of her social media accounts. Fans of Jungkook are concerned for this fan and her well-being after this vicious attack. There is outrage across social media about the lengths that some fans are willing to go to on social media, attacking innocent people over something so petty as K-Pop. This fandom culture has become so toxic, that many fans are questioning if they should stay on social media. Other fans have commented that they believe that chapter 2 has exposed the truth behind the BTS ARMY and that the majority are solo fans hiding behind a “7” on their profiles.

Further tension has been created by how both the company and the fandom have only supported and treated one solo debut as a BTS comeback. Fans have noted that there was massive support for Jimin, yet the same support was not given to Jin, RM, and J-Hope who have all officially made their solo debut. Fans on social media have been posting: “This is the end of the BTS ARMY” and “ARMY doesn’t exist anymore”. All 7 members are certainly not treated equally. Fans are realizing that this is all a lie. RM even recently told the BTS ARMY during his Weverse Live: “You have changed”. It seems as though the message of love and kindness that the BTS members have spread through their words and music, has been lost. One thing is for certain: Jungkook’s fans are some of the strongest fans in the world. They have been dealing with being bullied and harassed for over 10 years. The more this continues to happen, the more that Jungkook biased ARMYS are pushed over the edge and become solo fans after witnessing all of the injustice taking place. Jungkook’s solo fandom keeps getting stronger and they will never stop supporting him.