Jealousy Towards Jungkook and His Fanbases Becomes More Toxic, as the BTS ARMY Bully, Doxx, and Cause a Jungkook Fan to Lose Her Job

The dark side of the K-Pop fandom world has been exposed again, as the BTS ARMY targets and harasses fanbases for one of their own members. For years, members of the fandom who have other biases have been extremely jealous of Jungkook: the main vocalist and center of BTS. For 10 years, the fandom has not wanted him to have any lines in songs, made cruel jokes at his expense, trended horrible hashtags against him, not supported his music, and have always voted for others over him for awards. Any fan who shows support for Jungkook or claims that Jungkook is their bias, is automatically bullied off social media. Fans can not even praise the K-Pop Idol freely on any platform, without receiving tons of hate for every comment. Although the BTS members have started their solo work in chapter 2, the BTS ARMY still refuses to support Jungkook as an individual artist. Most recently, the fandom voted against him as a soloist at the iHeartRadio Awards. What is incredibly impressive is that his own huge solo fandom fought extremely hard and came extremely close in the total number of votes, rivaling the BTS ARMY. Jungkook’s own solo fandom is growing larger each day, while many Jungkook biased ARMYS are turning into solo fans after observing the lack of support for Jungkook by both his company and the BTS ARMY.

Recently, the attacks and harassment of Jungkook’s fanbases have become worse. The BTS ARMY have openly admitted to bullying Jungkook’s fanbases and falsely reporting them to get their accounts removed off social media. The fandom has proudly admitted that they want Jungkook to have no support system. Before his song “Dreamers” was released last year, the fandom mass reported and removed a large number of Jungkook’s biggest fanbases off of Twitter. They even openly celebrate when they achieve their goals.

The fandom is demonstrating that they are unable to adjust to the changes of chapter 2. All 7 members of BTS are now solo artists and will clearly have solo fans after releasing solo music. A healthy fandom would welcome this support for the artists they love. The fandom has turned chapter 2 into a massive jealous fan war, obsessed with trying to take down Jungkook’s support system and desperately trying to break the records he set before he has even debuted as a solo artist. Jungkook stills continues to be the most successful and popular K-Pop Idol in the world, with the support of the general public for his music. Jungkook holds the record for the biggest streaming year in history for a K-Pop Idol on Spotify. This fact threatens the fandom and the BTS ARMY is breaking apart due to jealousy.

The attacks on Jungkook’s fanbases include continuously hacking and attempting to destroy his fan website, getting a fan fired from her job, making death threats, and to openly wishing harm to his fans and fanbases. On April 5th, the Jungkook Radio fanbase account on Twitter was hacked by the BTS ARMY. The fanbase admin had mentioned that “big Ot7 BTS ARMY accounts” were targeting her. According to posts from the fan, they were demanding that she share her radio work with them. On Instagram, she revealed that they had doxxed her, sent over 5,000 emails and calls to her work, resulting in getting her fired from her job. She also revealed that she no longer has access to her Twitter account, and she closed down all of her social media accounts. Fans of Jungkook are concerned for this fan and her well-being after this vicious attack. There is outrage across social media about the lengths that some fans are willing to go to on social media, attacking innocent people over something so petty as K-Pop. This fandom culture has become so toxic, that many fans are questioning if they should stay on social media. Other fans have commented that they believe that chapter 2 has exposed the truth behind the BTS ARMY and that the majority are solo fans hiding behind a “7” on their profiles.

Further tension has been created by how both the company and the fandom have only supported and treated one solo debut as a BTS comeback. Fans have noted that there was massive support for Jimin, yet the same support was not given to Jin, RM, and J-Hope who have all officially made their solo debut. Fans on social media have been posting: “This is the end of the BTS ARMY” and “ARMY doesn’t exist anymore”. All 7 members are certainly not treated equally. Fans are realizing that this is all a lie. RM even recently told the BTS ARMY during his Weverse Live: “You have changed”. It seems as though the message of love and kindness that the BTS members have spread through their words and music, has been lost. One thing is for certain: Jungkook’s fans are some of the strongest fans in the world. They have been dealing with being bullied and harassed for over 10 years. The more this continues to happen, the more that Jungkook biased ARMYS are pushed over the edge and become solo fans after witnessing all of the injustice taking place. Jungkook’s solo fandom keeps getting stronger and they will never stop supporting him.

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And we cheer. Y’all act like those miserable akgaes are innocent when theyre the reason 99% of the time the idol they “stan” gets dragged. They manipulate the words of their “idol”. And this goes to ALL AKGAES out there lol ALL are the same losers who think they know their idol better than the ones who have been with him/her all these years. ALL AKGAES from all groups act the same. Bp’s, bts’, exo’s… akages have all the same narrative that their respective fandoms hate their fave but support the others, then who tf do they stan.


If this is what you got from this then i hope the same happens to u and family as well.ameen

Fvck you

This is the disgusting behavior people get repellent at then encounter kpop fans. Y’all lose morals over nothing. People just want to support their idol and you go and harass them to the point of losing their jobs
And I’m not talking about regular trolls that pick up fight daily, I’m talking about this particular issue when Jungkook fanbases get reported for supporting JK.


BULLYING WILL NEVER BE OKAY. I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen to you, your family or anyone you know.

BTS members don’t make music just for ARMY. There’s nothing wrong if a person only likes a certain member, especially now that they have solo songs. Every person has a right to choose who they want to support. They don’t owe anything to anyone.

If you truly love the members, you should accept those who support them. Otherwise, how can they fly higher if you keep attacking everyone? This is what’s anti behavior.


Wth are you even talking about? You just speak with emotion and no logic, exactly what I’d expect from a cult that says mantras like “the faster they go, the faster they come back” as a coping mechanism to force younger members to enlist so you can have a precious ot7 reunion where members have to go without again for another decade. Shut up about things you don’t know about. That woman was sweet and kind, but you guys sent death threats and got her fired when you weren’t even going to credit her for her hard work or even support JK and trust we can see the lack of support and love. Freaking hypocrites.

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This is disgusting behavior. K-POP is not that serious. Ya’ll are sick and deranged in the head for this sort of behavior and praising it. K-POP and solo stanning all simply to not get your idol dragged is not worth coming after someone’s livelihood. Ya’ll are SICK IN THE HEAD.

White cat

Akgae need to shut up. Nobody care if u genuinely support the member. But most solo stan shit on every member.


And did this person do any of the things you just said? Did she ” shit” on any member? It hurts because she wasn’t even a solo stan just a Jk biased. She even created a radio station where she played all members songs( old, new didn’t matter, you request it and she plays it)..

White cat

I’m talking about the other solo stan that clearly shitting on bts


liar. when will you stop trying to cosplay as an army? have some spine and admit you’re a jungkook solo


hellooo?? this comment was literally a reply directed at “K army” who was trying to bullsh!t their way to sympathy. why does it appear that I replied to “White cat”??

but ima be wrong if i say pannkpop is trying to stir sht with the way some comments keep disappearing and reappearing as convenient, mhm


She’s a very nice person, didn’t deserve any of this. What’s wrong with people? very cruel and heartless .


Yall say this about every solo stan and it always end up to be lies

K army

How do you it is lie… Maybe she really lose her job and anyway they are tagging cybercrime also


She literally played other member’s songs on her radio, and she shouldn’t have, btw. You guys don’t deserve kindness, fr. If you even got a tenth of the death threats/doxxing you deserved, maybe you guys would act right.


What did JKonair even do..? They’re unproblematic, and they don’t have to share anything with anyone. Like that’s their business, their hard work. Doxxing and harassing someone for something like that and then celebrating it like a bunch of weirdos.

Color color stan

Jimin and jungkook solo stans really have been going at it these days


so what do you want us to do with this information?


And they were rejoicing over an innocent person losing their livelihood. I hope those responsible, those that support and they that rejoiced meet the worst fate there could be in this life.. May life never treat them kindly and may they know no peace, joy or happiness after what they did to that lady and her family.


we don’t care… jungkook stans are so dramatic. for Iheartradio voting it was between jungkook or BTS, so of course BTS is going to win. also how armys fault for “dreamers” when armys were the one defending him while people were dragging him.. y’all are delusional thinking that jk so-called fanbase is streaming & buying only when armys are the ones doing the work. if jungkook wins or achieves something is jungkook fanbase but when it doesn’t go according to your plan it’s army fault. y’all are stupid.


so it’s okay to be doxxing someone who hasn’t done anything wrong to the point they lose their job? jk0nair has only shown support and love towards jungkook. what type of mindset must you have to not care about harassment towards a person that supports a member of the group you claim to do dearly love?

K army

Ok but when people are dragging jk….. He was praised by gp eventhough all expect he will get hate but it didn’t happens don’t spread lies

Fvck you

There’s always some excuse. “Last BTS nomination” but it was jk first nomination and probably only one.

Now with km charts. “Let’s doing for RM, he doesn’t have any wins”, JK doesn’t either but y’all don’t care because it’s JK


This is true, in the iHeartradio, Army voted for Bangtan and not for Jungkook’s collaboration and not because we don’t support him, but because the award was going to be for Charlie Puth not Jungkook, don’t lie solo stan. Army widely support L&R and also Dreamers and Stay alive in charts.

Btch ka

Dreamers didn’t even chart. Dont lie.


🤣.. Yes you guys did win the iHeartAwards by a small margin against a growing faction that hasn’t reached full numbers as of yet and just lost to Blinks in a mubeat voting.. that shows your fandom is dwindling and someday soon, will be nothing but an ugly distant memory in people’s minds… please, be rest assured that the whole world will rejoice at your extinction and all that will be left of the fandom called Army will be the stench of the foul history you left of being the cult that almost destroyed the integrity, probity and beauty of all that is music.. that day is fast approaching, and for that I thank the heavens..


Oh give me a ___ break. You guys won’t even vote for Jungkook whether BTS was nominated or not. Right now there is a k-award vote going on, where Jimin, Rap Monster, Hoseok, and Jungkook are nominated. Jungkook and RM in two categories each, but you won’t split the votes so they can both win. Right now RM will win both. You guys just ignore him. Yes, this is Army’s fault. It’s always Army’s fault. This is why RM doesn’t even like you guys anymore, “Army changed. I wont read the chat anymore, I’ll just talk and ignore.” Lmao. Soon, the only thing you guys will have are memories of bonding over bullying while BTS are disbanded and living the lives they want without having to worry about upsetting you freaks.


Not sure what’s this about and who is that but anyway let’s tune in to People 🙏🏻

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

nobody reading all of that wattpad story


unrelated but the way taekook solos , tae solos and jk solos ganging up on jimin is just not it , yeah I know jm solos can be bad too, I’m not saying they are saint but dragging Jimin for remixes and stuffs… Do you guys realize there’ll be possibilities that tae and jk will do the same thing too , please be smart ☠️ cause if they do and they got 1st on BB100, then these kpop stans you ride and side with will turn their backs on tae and jk so fast and shit on them , making fun of their achievements.


That’s why I said jm solos are not saint too, I know how vile these maknae line akgaes could be, I often go to Pann , not pannkpop/pannchoa but the actual pann itself, not even gonna mention how terrible dc gallery/dc inside could be too, I’ve seen them myself.

My main point is these solos are using the wrong point to drag jm solos that could probably set up tae and jk in the future


They will always use anything to drag another member. And I mean anything. So idk why you’re bringing them into the conversation. Akgaes will always be toxic, idk what you expect from them to learn from your comment

Color color stan

Why does it sound like you’re looking forward to tae and jungkook being dragged by akgaes 💀

K army

So many big accounts wishing like that even 40k army fb wished jk to get dragged by blinks really in twitter there is notl real 0t7 except few anyway is become more toxic place


Wait…which BTS army ?? Because real army is OT7 only. The rest is akgae or solo stan.We never claim those kind of people to be army. I’m jungkook bias from the start, I’m still kicking alive until now! Never I met an army who attack me.


There is no such thing as ARMY. Everyone is a solo. Everyone has a bias and only cares about them the most and in solo era we are seeing that they support only 1 or 2 of their fave members. The ot7 is a LIE. Wake up! It doesn’t exist. Armys and the company are mostly pjm solos.


You met with the wrong army then. I’ve seen shippers and maknae solo stans are equally strong but rotten. Yes..everyone has bias, but the core who support them until now is not solos. IF every ARMY is solo stan, then all this time other member solos would never get support. But, the sales is good, the stream is good, although not the best.


There are real ot7 but they are so rare. Many big fanbases are Jimin biased so when it’s other members’ solo, they go on a vacation. Btschartdata has 2 million follows on Twitter and they always forget JK and Taehyung because they don’t want their bias Jimin to be overshadowed.

K army

Bcz who attacked that jk fb is army with more than 100k followers and u saying solo … Yes solo are problematic but that jkfb is not a solo stan nd how come anyone make to lose their job overkpop


That’s why…you should block and unfollow those big accounts. Not all big ARMY accounts are ot7 and not all of them are solos. The choice is in your hand. Personally, I never follow big acc until its proven they fully support ot7. And IF they ever made a mistake to attack the wrong person, I would rise the concern within the fandom on fanbase accounts.


BTS will never last without JK, the backbone of the group. Good luck with that, to this ungrateful bunch. Including his ungrateful company. You all pushed too far this time. The amount of solos you keep creating, you all have only yourselves to blame.

shut up f*ck off

Jungkook literally doesn’t care about you freaks, WAKE UP


As if Jungkook can tell the difference, and he can’t. He replies to solos, winks, waves, spoken with them at fanmeets or outside in public, etc. Everyone is an Army to him/them all. As long as you show love to said member. Lmfao.

Last edited 5 months ago by Yuuneeq

Said every solo ever. You’re very special

Hi, I'm Guest

The solo stans always think that, when OT7 hate them = OT7 hate their fave. No. Don’t deluded yourself. You solo stans are not the same person as your fave. We hate you & you alone. Tho, I’m totally fine with non toxic solo. My bias is Jimin but I have reported far more Jimin’s toxic solo stans acc than other members toxic stans


Stop with these user post istfg


All facts here. RM even told Armys they have changed in his last livestream. The members are ever horrified by their behavior. Now they are known for chart manipulation and bullying and committing cyber crimes. That is against the law. This fanbase should sue these criminals for what they have done. I’m so ashamed that I was ever part of this sick cult.

shut up fuck off

Nobody’s responding to yall bringing up RM because what Joon said had nothing to do with solos or your weird-ass narratives, like?? Yall will be up and front trash-talking the other members to praise the ones you stan AND you think anyone would advocate for your useless selves? Get serious.
To be frank about it, you lot would straight up be bullied and doxxed out of existence if it would be after me, so be fcking thankful most of armys still put up with your dumb @sses.

Yall don’t know sht but always have the most sht to say. Just shut the fck up atp, headaches.


Lol I just realized how big armys are 😭 I’m on army twitter and I haven’t seen any of this lol

Color color stan

Because this is solo stan drama

Btch ka

It’s literally not. Look at the comments and their little sevens on their DN. I am ARMY, I support all members but a JK biased. And this is gross behavior from these so called ARMY

K army

Well u can see even so many media covered this about

solos need to shut up n fck off

yea, at solos’ request lmao the only people talking about this thing ANYWHERE are solo stans who try to lie and manipulate their way to victimizing themselves. same way yall tried on this site.


Truly disgusting and sad


lmao what??


BTS’ solo era is becoming more and more similar to BP’s solo fandoms because BTS’ solo stans keep getting brave nowadays

Color color stan

A bit but better still because there are more real ot7 army. solos just like to claim bts members solo success is because of them, totally ignoring the 60 million armys who actually did the work lol.


60 million??? Hahaha you’re KIDDING because not all of their solo works have the same support so please y’all have been mad slackin for years now. Please.

K army

And all ot7 Stans who are calling them as real army’s coming as solo Stans and attacking other fbs

dot com bubble

Istg Pannkpop’s user posts are just akgaes taking a shot at each other like pls, someone shut them up

Rano b

Akgae 🖕. Jungkook 👑

Fvck you

I’m not even gonna bother reading all comments since i see people here is the same retarded armys that cheer over ruining people’s live.

I’m just gonna say that y’all are the reason solos and akgaes exist in the first place. Then don’t come crying when jhope solos makes BCD hide in a cave. You have it deserved


Jungkook gets the strongest support from army. Even more so than Jimin. I can’t take you hoes seriously.


I ain’t read allat. Jungkook is always the best streamed and supported by the fandom. The nerve to sit on y’all high horse when Hobi, Joon, Tae and Jin are never supported in streams and sales like JK is. You whores so used to getting the best numbers that anytime it doesn’t happen you lash out. Imagine what the other members go through.

Last edited 5 months ago by BlinkPink

It is Karma.


Solos are so transparent, no one’s reading all that 🥱

Rano burieva

We love you Jungkook 🌟💛


And this is why I smile and give likes to tweet dragging nepo Jimid. His stans are fucking toxic.

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