Jennie and Jisoo seem like opposites but they match well

Up until this point, of course, I thought Jennie was hip and Jisoo was innocent, but I think the opposite would suit them better

1. Hul f*ck, Jisoo especially is so stylish… She drives me crazy

2. Jisoo really suits smokey makeup

3. I love Jisoo’s smokey makeup..

4. Jisoo and Jennie are so pretty no matter what they do!

5. It’s surprising that Jisoo suits smokey makeup and Jennie suits innocent makeup

6. I hope Jisoo has smokey makeup for the rest of her life…

7. I really like Jisoo’s smokey makeup… Her vibes are crazy

8. After seeing the pictures, I was convinced

9. Crazy, they’re so pretty

10. I agree with you

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