Jennie and Stray Kids met at the Met Gala

Jennie and Stray Kids met at the Met Gala (one photo)

Stray Kids stood up in surprise

1. But Yongbok has orange juice in his hand.. He’s so cute

2. Their facial expressions are genuine and surprising

3. I think I would be happy for them to meet even if they weren’t friends

4. I guess Stray Kids were surprised when they saw Jennie

5. Jennie looks like a goddess from Greek and Roman mythology

6. It’s great to meet Koreans abroad

7. But guys, who is this person? It’s great when they sit at the same table. She’s so pretty

8. It’s a refreshing combination

9. But he’s drinking orange juice

10. I think Stray Kids will be so happy

11. Sunbae Jennie is so cute

12. They looked really surprised

13. This photo is so cute

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