Jennie and V wear the same balaclava hats showing the airport fashion of idols these days

Is this the airport fashion of idols these days?

The first one is Jennie

The second one is V

[+62, -216]

1. [+173, -7] The balaclava hat is popular these days, not only V and Jennie wear it but Han Ji Min, Kang Min Kyung, Yoon Seung Ah, Yoona, Kim Jae Kyung and Jang Wonyoung all wear it

2. [+163, -7] You don’t know balaclava hat? If you search, you will find lots of photos of celebrities wearing it

3. [+12, -8] V looked so warm and good, he looked so good with his balaclava hat that day

4. [+10, -0] Since fashion week ended, it started again, his hat looks more like Jisoo’s

5. [+6, -2] The two of them have a lot of similaritiesㅋㅋ

6. [+3, -0] They’re not even the same brand, so what are you doing?

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Anyway they are dating secretly


You blonks wish

keep crying

stfu LMAO your OpPA is dating Jennie lolol you jealous

Jannatul mawa

Not the corny ass comeback ‘yoaUr oPPa iS dAtInG jeNnIE’😭😭 and jealous for fucking what??😭😭

oh bohoooo

wish? wish what? lol why would she want to date him when she’s literally more popular than btflop’s whole career? she’s literally headling Coachella again lmaooo meanwhile btflop did nothing lmao your fave would wish

WhatsThe Point

Y’all can only brag bat Coachella when they were like the 3rd option not even first

Jannatul mawa

Hating on bts but want your girlie to date tae so bad bitch we know you’ll want bts validation so bad because it will be her only achievement rather then being lazy….


i like it when blonks (actually all kpopies) try to make their faves look higher than BTS with these funny “achievements” like we don’t even need to argue back cause you’re mocking them yourselves




Anyway it was about fashion


Jennie and Gdragon had lovely secret date in Paris 🤭😘


And so does 20 other idols 🤦🏻‍♀️ god leave tae alone like atp leave both of them alone

WhatsThe Point

Anything to connect that girl to him


It’s talking about a hat and those two are the most famous one who wore it what’s wrong with you

Jannatul mawa

Jisoo is also popular….and we know they don’t post it because they are popular lol but thank god kntzen got their ass


how i look like in reality if wearing that hat.


lmaooooo so true i would literally look like an egg wearing it ahahah

A hoe

Oh my god, leave my Jennie girl alone.


genuine question but why are armys acting like they aren’t dating?

i get that they don’t like her but if the rumors and pics were fake, both agencies would’ve denied it.

when chaewon’s dating rumors came out last week(?), they immediately responded and denied the rumors…


Haven’t you heard that Hybe filed a lawsuit against someone who was spreading lies? They released a statement, it was about this issue. You can believe what you want, but the reality is it’s all lies. 

Jannatul mawa

Be serious?? chaewon’s dating rumors released by known Japanese media not by nugu from bird app..


Hybe denied it, called these rumor diffamation and sued Gurumi. If blonks think being called “defamation” is romantic i feel bad for their love life

Last edited 7 months ago by Ines

They posted their annual defamation notice it had nothing to do with the dating rumor it was incompasing everything regarding hate towards bts


Other responses already answered, but also for me, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, such as spreading rumors abt ppl’s private/personal lives that they haven’t shared.

Tae’s dating life (and all of BTS’s) is his private life and that isn’t fans’ business. It’s not related to his job, he hasn’t said anything abt it, and it isn’t smt harmful/illegal. Plus, it’s respectful to let him have the agency to decide over what aspects of his private life he wants to share with us.

So, unless he gives us a statement abt it, then we should at least give him the courtesy to not give any credit to rumors either (regardless of personal belief abt them).


The question is why are people dying to insist that they are? That’s even also not normal.


Funny how blinks hate bts and Tae but desperately try to tie that whore to his every move.


Why do ppl feel the need to connect them over the smallest thing?


the twice fans and lisa akgaes pretending to be BTS fans.
The IP says it all, seems like admin wont clean these multiple account trolls

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