Jennie couldn’t complete BLACKPINK’s concert today and fell down midway

Their concert in Melbourne, Australia and she left on the 5th song, Lovesick Girls

She said she was sick today

Even during the soundcheck, there were only three members without Jennie

They said that Jennie was resting to show up on the concert after

The fans also don’t know why she was sick. Maybe because Australia is colder than the rest of the world, she might’ve caught a cold

1. Are they still on tour? Their schedule is so tight

2. Honestly, it’d be weird if they didn’t get sick because of that schedule….. They should take good care of their health ㅠㅠ

3. Aigoo… please take care of your health ㅠㅠㅠ

4. The members worked hard.. Jennie, don’t get sick ㅠㅠㅠ

5. The schedule seems too tight

6. Aigoo ㅠㅠ Jennie, don’t get sick..

7. Every time I see BLACKPINK, I think they have very good stamina, they have too many schedules

8. BLACKPINK, don’t get sick ㅠㅠ

9. Jennie’s body seems weak, I hope she rests well

10. BLACKPINK’s schedule seems tight these days

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Give her some d1ck 🌶



Teenaged puppy

Uh oh those gangbangs catching up to ha ass

Teenaged puppy

**YG and it was made in the basement

spicy spice

oh. i forgot that she’s rumored as a YG’s mistress long ago lmao. kai, gd, teddy, v and yang hyunsuk. she dates everyone with big names only lol.


dear god. the comments are absolutely disgusting

spicy spice

it’s a karma. her stan always wrote disgusting and nasty comments if something happened to other idols too. esp female idols. why you guys playing a victim card?

Ladypig Fraudmin

not as often as yall rats in every BP related posts. those nasty comments are replies to your nasty asses. Just look at BTS post comments in Pannkpop. This site is full of SLTUSHAMER and MISOGYNIST ARMYs


keep. crying 😂

Ladypig Fraudmin

you think slutshaming BP still gets me? 😂 Y’all the ones crying when I say one of the BTS members will get into accident in military camp, or get shoot and die there.🤭 Mind you Jinhag got illegally vaccinated by a soldier who happened to be part of his cult.🤣


i’m not a fan of her. and i’m actually tae biased (as seen from my previous comments on this site)
but idk. i guess the comments are getting too extreme. about both parties

Last edited 5 months ago by peachy

if you’re v biased then stay where you are. don’t mind this whether others get hate or not. just focus on v he’s got more hate you need to worry about


If you’re a tae bias then you would know he and BTS get triple the hate and a quarter of the defense this hag gets. Also most of his hate is because of her and blinks so I don’t know why your tryna make her a victim


What do you except from misogynist slutshamers armys?


stfu i’m literally an army


blinks are 💩 too


If only she just focus on tour instead of flying around doing events, partying n dating. This easily preventable. I saw she even fly to thailand on concert day. She is so irresponsible. Fans keep blaming YG when the tour is only during weekend. Its her choice to do various things during weekly.


She has been disinterested in doing concerts and BP shit for years while having nothing but top tier energy for her western endeavors. Clout chasing is a draining activity especially when your latest stunt did nothing but get you slutshamed


giving us lazy performances then fell sick lmao


be normal for once wtf ?

spicy spice

they just aren’t ready for ‘the real’ idol schedules after a comeback. they usually make a comeback, having some concerts and take a hiatus for another 2years (hiatus=went to fashion shows only). but this time they got more packed tour schedules and still went to paris multiple times for ambassador thingy.

they are literally the most unprofessional idols existed. ever. especially jennie. she’s always try to explain that she is weak af. and so her stans.


why are you generalizing the entire BP members? Lisa and Rosé always giving their best especially Lisa, she is energetic, never seen her being unprofessional on stage. Leave her name out of this.


Not much with rose either. She also being inconsistent too. She give top tier energy if its western countries or western festivals. I bet jennie suddenly have top tier energy during UK festival. She is fake.


Rosé inconsistent??? you are just be saying anything. You are just a hater.

spicy spice

rose? lol.

i should’ve put lisa’s name on it cuz this girl also lazy af to sing lmao.

Ladypig Fraudmin

Me talking about Porkmin crying on stage and doing other things just to avoid singing cause he knows his vocals suck.🤣

spicy spice

jimin? i’m not an army btw lol. you can roast him. i don’t care.

and not blinks talking about how bad other idols’ voice are when the whole jisoo existed in the industry. blinks shouldn’t talking about vocals honestly.


The most important thing during tour is your health. Just learn from other stars like Beyonce or Taylor who are on stadium tours now. Look at how they focus on the tour only instead of going to other events and the length of their concerts. Blackpink with four members could never.

Ladyboy Lisa

Not surprised, its the same things with this girl

Seungri Oppa ❤️

Give her rest, she provide good service to Seungri Oppa ❤️ customers. She’s tired from all the penetration and sniffing.


All she need is a western party with bunch of lower class influencers to get better, or a fashion show




Jennie body seems weak when he is performing on stage😔 but she super healthy when she is on party/club floor lmao

Last edited 5 months ago by maomao69

Yeah jennie made it with ur dad on ur own mom bed


Always the weak and sick reason when performing lmaoo
You wont find her weak/sick on club/party floor🤣


Interesting how she has never been too sick to fly all across the world to attend fashion events and after parties…


she is just lazy


Selective sickness I’m afraid


Slutnie has been so used to doing nothing and being lazy that the moment she sees fans at the concert, she starts acting up as if she has no energy left. This dozen never had to work hard a single day in her life and clearly never respected fans who pay hundreds of dollars to see this hag being lazy onstage. Funny how she never looks tired at the parties and gives her all in shows where she has to act like a whore. Selective tiredness at its finest.

Or maybe she is too exhausted after being used up by all men around her.


jennie’s energy at concerts when she’s healthy:

jennie’s energy at concerts when she’s sick:

jennie’s energy at influencer events: 🤩🤩🤩

jennie’s energy at parties: 🥳🥂🤪


get well soon. they need a break. their schedule is too much.

Last edited 5 months ago by sponge
나리 nari

Lol 🤣 Seriously, these girls didn’t bring anything to the kpop table. Same recycled style of “bad bitches” more like bad singers, bad dancers, bad rapers, and lately bad acting from Slutjennie going as far as supporting r*ape fantasy in a HBO series. Yet, all their fans scream from the top of their lungs ” they’re feminists”. Like feminism nowadays isn’t more than just adult bullying. Makes me remember, the Lisa t-shirt with “I love to make boys cry”. They’re access to west was smoothed out by 2nd generation idols, f(X), CL,BB and others…
They don’t promote anything else beside fashion shows, getting drunk at the after parties and show everything even their privates on stage. Nothing educational to help young girls or women.
They should just retire already.

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