Jennie fans spreading misinformation because their fave private life isn’t private

This rumor was started by Jennie fans being bitter that their fave privacy was invaded, spreading fake dating rumors to lisa

And they started trending a hashtag on Twitter because according to two of them, they was dating. The two account i’m going to show confessed to stalker the private accounts of blackpink members

They wanted their fave to be linked to V of BTS and Jencoholic account is one of the people stalking Blackpink members private account and their family and friends 

they stalked a random guy instagram for weeks according to them. These Jennie fans bombarding the man’s IG saying congratulations to him and Lisa and gain more than 4k followers. He already posted “what? no I’m old man”

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pannkpop admin are you jennie anti 🤬🤬🤬


where did she criticize jennie tho? hes more a jennie SOLO STAN anti, are you feeling called out? leave jennie alone since she has never talked about jennie, just about fans like you who like to deviate the focus on jennie when she has the whole time calling HER STANS out


they are the worst fandom and downfall of jennie


I hope they leave lisa alone and the way they are targeting the narrative on her is disgusting

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