Jennie fans wanted V member of BTS instead of her real boyfriend

Jennie’s fans spent months proving jennie and Gdragon’s relationship wrong because they didn’t like the choice of their idol. They refused to believe Dispatch which is known to expose idol couples, with evidence

Know that it’s a love that has been going on for years, but I surely think she was too shy to admit it, she was obsessed with him.

For years he left likes on Jennie’s posts only and just her

But when it was announced that Jennie and V were a couple and even though it was revealed that the photos are fake, they continued in their delusions because they like the clout.

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Busybody pooh

I mean true that blinks are obsessed over Taehyung being with Jennie and hate GD but I think they’re dating or at least messing around.

The Tae clout is the best thing to happen to that fandom.

アグネス ⁷

They want their fav to escape from GD, and got lucky the rumor with Taehyung came from nowhere, so they’re really pushing taennie couple to become real. Pathetic.


i had so much doubt so decided to wait & see what happens but when Bighit’s statement came out they didn’t mention “privacy invading” but “false information”&”ill intended rumors” so i think i can be certain that there was no dating.


Damn this, it’s really ridiculous. They should demand that the posts be consistent and not made by stupid armys who believe that the world of kpop revolves around their bts

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Unfortunately for you, the world do revolves around BTS, especially the antis world 🤷‍♀️

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this site is a lost cause 💀


why even call it pannkpop anymore when is taking entries that are based off on twittter lol

アグネス ⁷

Comedy by Jennie stans >>
– Jennie – Taehyung = “she can date whoever she wants”
– Jennie – GD = “NO!! SHE’S NOT DATING GD!!!” (denial to the moon)

Well, they have standard and the standard is Kim Taehyung. Poor boy get dragged here and there because of crazy people. 🙄


Poor Jennie being dragged by fatrmys

アグネス ⁷

Poor Jennie must depends on famous men instead of improving her skills and learning how to hold pen to write her own rap lyrics 😢

Ki Ki

Meanwhile you have 0 skills 0 sources of income and 0 people that give a f*ck about you. The only thing you have is a Twitter account and a parasocial relationship with bts


Poor this dumb btch still stuck in 2016 where jennie has songs credited to her name already u fucker

アグネス ⁷

WOW~ you must be so proud with that BIG achievement~ congratulations!! 🎉🎉👏🏻👏🏻

U Not Gonna Like What..

If I had to rank the most worst & toxic fandoms it will goes like :
1. Lisa akgae 🥳👏🎉🎉
2. Jennie akgae 👏🎉🎉
3. Blinks
4. BTS maknae line akgae
6. Rose + Jisoo akgae
7. 2nd gen stan
8. NCT 127 + SKZ fandom
9. BTS hyung line akgae
Bonus (2 face fandom) :
10. Carat + Atiny

U Not Gonna Like What..

And its proven by how many articles about jennie has been posted by lisa akgae


You interchanged 1 and 2


Not when Jenrats made up lies about a married man and Lisa.

U Not Gonna Like What..

They made 1 o 2 articles about the rumors, & now Lisa stans occupied whole sites with bunches of articles degraded jennie stans but most of all jennie herself non stop, so yeah.. Lisa solo deserves the #1 spot. U might not like it, but that’s how it is

U Not Gonna Like What..

No, the way I see it, it is what it is. The rank is accurate by my opinion


hey bestie!!! i dont think so rosie fans should ur list!! because most of rosie fans are really good …

WhatsThe Point

It’s true how they were hyping tae with her and disregarding gd with her.
But Lisa and Jennie akgaes kev BTS members out of this


Writen by Jendragonisreal 🤦🏻‍♀️ please free Jennie from that ugly and salty fandom 🚩🙄🙅🏻‍♀️

アグネス ⁷

From who? Lisa akgae? Jendragonisreal hastag was started by lisa fandom 😂😂


Wasn’t it Armys when they found out Gurumi Haribo’s username is related to Gdragon?


But Jendragon is real tho. Not V and Jennie


Your girlie is dating a dog abuser, just accept it.


Breath stinker v arent any better


Duh! You’d see lots of threads debunking JENDRAGON couple from Blinks and Jennie stans but none for VxJennie dating rumors, it’s only armys who posted those debunking threads. It’s obvious, they are embarrassed to see Jennie dating GD lmao. They can’t accept the fact but they are happy with the rumors of V&Jennie dating


Blonks live through the girls’ life so they can’t accept that she’s dating an ugly dog abuser because they wouldn’t do the same lmao Yes your girlie have awful taste in men, get over it. It’s obvious she’s dating GD.


these blinks/jennie stans/bp akgaes idk who tf made his outfits,accessories,words,moves,music,yeontan,family even his smiles linked to their fave.them & knetz called armys “crazy delulu fangirls who wanna f their oppa & are jealous of taennie” everytime we wanted to prove those pics are was crazy he was in PFW & knetz were making stories about him hanging out with his “sister in law” then they k themselves to say her & that gd was all fake..that obvious af shit..
they went to the point to analyze their so called relationship & call him out for not loving her enough God bless my boy’s mental health just how strong he is to bear all the ridiculous hates he gets this whole year for imaginary scandals
everyday some idol clings to him & their fans hype it up all for clout then their tongues are as long as a broom handle too.pathetic attention seeker losers.

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Jisoo Kang

I think that taennie shippers are just pathetic..,.like I mean they uselessly edit dirty pictures of them and then give similar captions like”OMG taennie is real 😱” , “omg love u taennie ” and the same saga goes on with liskook and jirose… pathetic…..


I mean yeah she obviously dated GD but they obviously broke up? Lmao like it’s quite easy to see she jumped from one relationship to another, plenty of people do that. Idk why y’all are still discussing this and pretending those photos were fake.

But I wasn’t done…

If Jennifer is dating Tae then she did some hella voodoo because I know he got better taste than that


V and Jennie, are not dating those pictures are fake. Big Hit, is sueing for false rumors, malicious intentions and defamation.

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