Jennie is a hot topic on Pann, netizens on Pann talk about Jennie’s scenes in the American drama

The gifs of Jennie in the American drama

Here are the gifs from the drama, the dancing scene

[+938, -149]

1. [+1049, -63] I really don’t consider this a work of art.. It’s not a drama that teaches teenagers about drugs like Euphoria, the content of this drama is selling your body to become a star, it’s a p*rn… No one forced her to participate in this drama, it must be Jennie’s decision. I wonder what the hell does Jennie think about participating in this drama

2. [+683, -17] Why does she look so cheap? It’s weird when someone praises those scenes

3. [+680, -11] YG dressed her up with luxury items, helping her to be called the ‘human Chanel’, so why did she have to act in this drama?ㅋㅋ It just ruined her image

4. [+568, -210] There are a lot of crazy kids who don’t know what’s going on, it’s the script of the drama and Jennie is one of the actors. Why do you guys curse at Jennie when you feel the drama looks cheap? Then you curse the actors who play the school bullies and the actors who do the s*x scenes? Can’t you tell the difference between drama and reality?

5. [+323, -1] The image of The Weeknd was broken with this dramaㅋㅋㅋ He’s been criticized a lot in the US, I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to The Weeknd songs in the future;

6. [+272, -29] V must have seen his girlfriend’s first work as an actress

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