Jennie is a hot topic on Pann, netizens on Pann talk about Jennie’s scenes in the American drama

The gifs of Jennie in the American drama

Here are the gifs from the drama, the dancing scene

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1. [+1049, -63] I really don’t consider this a work of art.. It’s not a drama that teaches teenagers about drugs like Euphoria, the content of this drama is selling your body to become a star, it’s a p*rn… No one forced her to participate in this drama, it must be Jennie’s decision. I wonder what the hell does Jennie think about participating in this drama

2. [+683, -17] Why does she look so cheap? It’s weird when someone praises those scenes

3. [+680, -11] YG dressed her up with luxury items, helping her to be called the ‘human Chanel’, so why did she have to act in this drama?ㅋㅋ It just ruined her image

4. [+568, -210] There are a lot of crazy kids who don’t know what’s going on, it’s the script of the drama and Jennie is one of the actors. Why do you guys curse at Jennie when you feel the drama looks cheap? Then you curse the actors who play the school bullies and the actors who do the s*x scenes? Can’t you tell the difference between drama and reality?

5. [+323, -1] The image of The Weeknd was broken with this dramaㅋㅋㅋ He’s been criticized a lot in the US, I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to The Weeknd songs in the future;

6. [+272, -29] V must have seen his girlfriend’s first work as an actress

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Let’s not put all the blame on Sam and The Weeknd, cuz Lily, Jennie and other actors/actresses are adults and no one forced them according to their interviews. They accepted their roles happily and expressing their gratitude to The Weeknd and Sam now.


didn’t the original director or something changed after the cast decided to film this ? (im really not sure), if it did change how is it the their fault ??


I think that’s what not a lot of people are getting. If you sign a contract for payment for a certain number of episodes, you have to do those episodes and they have to air. People saying that she’s not complaining about it: what is she meant to do? Even the Riverdale and GoT cast couldn’t complain about the shows they were in. Her and Lily signed a contract to be in the show with the original story, and the original director, and they likely weren’t given a choice with the change. Either they re-film all scenes and get payment for their hard work, or they don’t re-film the entire show and receive nothing. It’s not like anyone in that situation apart from The Weeknd had a choice.


Lool, why u think they were forced, when they’re thanking The Weeknd and Sam in their interviews? Stop this bs


The thing is she signed the contract when sam is the director of this show, if Jennie signed it during the female director’s time, people would understand it but it’s not.

Yeah they never said it when Jennie signed but Jennie gave out a sign when she talked about it on her Elle interview, she was discussing with Sam if it’s possible for her to appear in the show meaning she signed the contract knowing Sam was the only director there

Guest man

Any actor can decline certain scenes if they want. Sydney Sweeny her self said about the things she suffered during Euphoria because she was like a rookie actor on set whereas other people were established ones. Zendaya removed all scenes in which she had to take off her clothes. Zendaya had star power and they decided to agree with her on that because of her own fandom which was massive and need for the drama. Sydney had no choice but to do that because she was just beginning her career and didn’t wanted any roadblock.
Jennie is undoubtedly someone like Zendaya for this show and she could have easily declined any thing came to her way if she didn’t wanted to portray something like that. You think Sam Levinson who did that for Zendaya wouldn’t do that for Jennie if she demanded that. I mean despite her secondary role she was portrayed as main character for promotions. It’s very simple she was taken for gaining the viewers. She had the upper hand. But she didn’t do anything about that. So please stop defending your idols on their obvious stupid decisions.

but I wasn’t done…

Over estimating Jennie’s pull in the west I fear. She is not at the level where she can make demands. BP is not nearly big enough in the US where people can name drop them in conversations and certainly Jennie here self is not so I disagree on this point


She read the script.

WhatsThe Point

Y’all are lying so much, the director changes in April and she joined in June. Also she herself said she’s a fan of “all” of Sam’s work


Nah, wasn’t Sam already in the production when Jennie was added to the cast? and didn’t she said that she’s a fan of his works and really happy that he let her be herself during the filming? Fans should stop babying thier idols. And actors can drop the film for many reasons, and some actors actually dropped Idol bcuz of Sam.

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Guest man

They can walk out of that drama if it happens or if the new script is something they don’t agree to. They are not someone who is just starting with this celeb thing or are someone looking for any role they can get just to get into Hollywood. Or someone with no fans at all. Jennie has a massive fandom. She can easily walk out of this. And even expose them on her own of what they are trying to do with that drama. And public favour will obviously be with her rather than Sam Levinson who is already a fvcking asshole in every one’s life. She could have also skipped this whole Cannes thing. I mean she was a guest according to her fans right. Guests don’t attend premieres. Alexa Damie was also a guest in that and she didn’t attend premiere and her role was for like 3 seconds. You can even remove her and still run the show. That’s what guest role really is. Jennie obv is a side character in that shit show. it’s not even a show, it’s a fvcking stupidest thing which should not even exist. The respect I had for Jennie has really vanished from like this year. It’s like this or that for that girl. From partying with r@pists, to supporting known n@zis and bigots as well as child ped0s to now starring in such a women degrading movie. Idc about her dating life. It’s her choice and people giving her hate for this are fvcking stupid. It’s all about the first points which I mentioned. Her life choices are seriously very questionable. Like really questionable. I mean with Rose we can see most of her priorities lies with her own music career and even with Lisa for her own dance career. Jisoo is also more oriented towards her acting career and her debut drama was not bad and story was decent. But this…idk what to say about her anymore. I sometimes wonder why even is she doing all this. She is not someone who is unpopular who need to do these roles to make herself known to public. She already has a name for herself. Most actors doing these roles are in most of the cases struggling actors who need to do this to survive. Since last year only we have seen majority of A list stars declining to do any of these scenes or even kissing scenes if possible. That drama is already most known for her name we already know that. But…i have no other words. She doesn’t look like a very bright person. I don’t think people are wrong to criticize her for catering such a drama to her fans who mostly consists of minors who will obviously will get impacted by such story and plot. She should have made wise decision…

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Her western friends are very questionable too. I agree that unlike rose, jennie kinda whatever with her future career. Its just feel she does this just fastest route to be popular in US but in bad way because they gonna only see her as influencer lol.

Guest man

I have heard that her foreign friends are like bullies and all. Not the most greatest things are said about them. Last thing I heard about them was from a hairdresser in USA who said on tiktok that those girls were shit talking about the hadid sisters…

WhatsThe Point

Wasn’t she herself also in a bullying scandal lol


V was very careful with his social circle n there goes his gf befriending everyone. He must be in rude awakening now to know the real jennie. She is not actually that “shy” girl in korea awww. His life would be more peaceful if he dates unproblematic girl. This gonna be lesson for him lol.


Stop involving V with this woman. The rumours were never conformed. For all we know it seems like a pr stunt (eg like Taylor and that guy recently) jennie us almost 30 and knows what she’s doing, she just doesn’t care

Logic Thinker

Jesus can they stop MENTIONING him??? Like it’s crazy they alway have to mention him.
Jennie choose this herself… the fact even after the “change” of the cast she is still there ☠️


Of course v proud of his girlfriend 😂


Everyone who follows V, have been his fans for a long time, will know that jennie is not his type. V is a very private person, possessive, and can’t handle too much alcohol. It’s nearly impossible for him to have jennie who is a cheap drunken party girl who loves public attention as girlfriend, unless he got possessed by a crazy ghost to date her. Must do exorcism asap 😂🤣


Maybe because in korea she is “shy” “cute sexy” girl aww. He probably never know about crazy party life until he get dating with her.


Are you this innocent🤣🤣🤣 that man was licking his lips seeing hwasa dancing sexily in mama Japan during mamamoo stage. He is always making those expressions whenever any women is dancing near him sexily. It’s pretty obvious he went to Jennie cause rn she is kind of like a sexy girl of Korea. If he liked shy or cute image shouldn’t he would have dated some women from twice or rv. But is he dating anyone from those groups? I don’t think so.


Yall still in denial stage lmfao. Cope harder.


I wasn’t going to say anything but this comment was just way too delusional, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even stan Jennie. But “Anyone who follows V knows Jennie’s not his type”? Lmaoooo be so fucking fr rn. The parasocial relationships y’all be having with these idols really do be getting to y’all heads. Y’all really believe you guys know these idols personally just because you happen to follow them on social media and consume the carefully crafted content put out by their companies??? Lmao who tf are you to say you guys actually know wtf V’s type is as if you’ve ever personally interacted with the man a day in your life?

Have you ever thought that if he’s dating her, maybe his type ISN’T the sweet little Confucius girl y’all have deluded yourselves into believing it to be?

Last edited 6 months ago by CallYouOut

Looll, why? Got offended when I said jennie is a cheap drunken party girl who loves public attention that much?? 🤣🤣
She’s so desperate to tell public that she’s taehyung’s girlfriend by wearing same clothes as in the gurumi’s photos, attention seeker. She clearly didn’t consider taehyung’s personality who loves privacy. Same with the paris video, the only one who was happy is her, swaying her arms, chin up. How about the man beside her? Walk with no confidence, head down. Poor V who need to be patient with her ridiculous trash personality.


Why am I offended? lol. You write the most delusional, brain-dead take, and you ask me why I am offended? Let me break it down for you. Not only am I offended, but I would go so far as to tell you that I am allergic – to both delusion AND stupidity. And you can save your pathetic woman-degrading, anti-feminist, Andrew Tate spiel about Jennie for someone else. As I said, I am not her stan or a blink so you’re wasting your time screaming all your jealous insecurities at me. I would have made the same response to you regardless of who the idols were.

No, but seriously? The fact that you are still prattling on about “Taehyung’s personality” as a complete stranger on the internet, presuming to know him or what he’d like, versus Jennie, his actual girlfriend, just screams obsessed psycho. Like, seriously, how are you guys not embarrassed to write these online tantrums? The way you remove Taehyung’s agency and try to warp him in your mind to fit whatever silly narrative you’ve created is… lmao, it’s actually disturbing. Like he’s a grown man and it takes two to tango, but to you it seems he’s just an object. If you are truly his fan, all I can say is YIKES. You make me want to grab an Epipen.

Last edited 6 months ago by CallYouOut

V is dating her whether you like it or not. Has he denied it despite it being breaking news? I don’t think so. He was so quick to deny his rumor with some other woman. Plus he is constantly being photographed with her. You don’t know him. He is dating her and it’s the real truth.


his horny ass got excited for sure


For that flat body? I’m disappointed with his taste then 😂😂🤣🤣

Giga Princess

Me talking about jungkook with mijoo, that blond girl and lee yoobi 🤠


No.1 rule is to never have sexual role for your first role bc that’s how people will continue to perceive you.


Comment no 2, lol
She is not only look cheap in this drama, she is always look cheap all the time broo, where have you been for not recognizing it? 😂😂😂
Jisoo will look so elegant and expensive in dior, lisa will look so elegant and expensive in celine, but jennie will always look cheap in whatever luxury brands that she wears, it’s a fact.

Karina melon

Kasian bget yg 😂 udah bayar media di kasi nama human chanel


Jennie really proved to us that she is and will be a slut alwaysssss. She doesn’t deserve to become part of blackpink. Sluttt Jennieeee.


Well she said that she’s a fan of sam levinson works and so jennie surely know whatever she’s doing right now, she sober enough while they told her to dance with that kind of choreo, it’s her own decision. kinda disappointed though since she had so many young fans, also she build her image with such exclusivity, boss b!tch, girl crush, expensive human etc end up debuting as an actress with this kind of series. the way that she doesn’t find that this series problematic, when she can just canceled her contract since she rich as f


She didn’t even build her image, it was forced by YG and her fans. They deluded themselves into making it real.


Looking at upvotes above, Korea must be feel so ashamed with her role. Because its just look cheap n make asian look only can get minor role in hollywood series. Jennie just look desperate to be popular in US. Squid game, parasite, my glory such a huge pride for korea then came jennie being cheap with such minor role in soft porn series. No wonder korea feel ashamed n mad.


I don’t think she knows…but she’s looking WAYYYY TOO DESPERATE to hv an easy way to popularity in the us. And its giving a very cheap image of hers. I get that after hving everything in her life given on a silver platter with people who fed her with golden spoon,she has become an airhead but cmon now..she def must hv known how weird and disgusting this series was? Like is she THAT dumb?
And even if we ignore all of the controversy around the series..she cant even act. She is looking way too cheap and cringe with those weird facial expressions….like girlie you’re NOT looking sexy or whtvr you’re trynna be.


This is just so…. tacky

but I wasn’t done…

Free Taehyung from this girl. It’s never good when he is mentioned besides her. All she does is get him dragged by association. Taehyung please upgrade your taste in women


nah he’s in his teenager era he wont listen to shits. he’s been too busy working, let him taste his medicine and hope he sober up later


He also likes sexual art so I think they match.


He is her boyfriend. Obviously people are gonna mention them togather. Especially on occasions like this. You really think min hyorin was not mentioned when MV of Taeyang and Lisa was released? She was. Netz were questioning whether she likes her husband dancing this close with another girl. It happens a lot in industry too. You can’t blame people to bring him in. Especially when he himself made it loud and clear that he is dating her after that obvious video of them at Paris.


6. [+272, -29] V must have seen his girlfriend’s first work as an actress

It must have given him a boner. At least his horny ass is getting laid regularly. Thanks to jenslut


You try your hardest to get jk dragged and it’s pathetic… like your birth

Giga Princess

Wasn’t jungkook literally caught going to a “wh0re house” with his 97 liners? 💀


Stfu and leave JK and Jaehyun and their friends out off your dirty mouth.


as far as I know, V was spotted at a strip club, seeing his gf Jennie, getting f’cked over and over by 3 guys… He licked his lips, and said, thank god I’m gonna marry a slut.

Jinja 헐

Whaaat? When ? Don’t lie and create fake news.

Karina melon

Her mom is supported


Her mom was a mistress so yeah blood thicker than water

WhatsThe Point

Stop bringing up tae where he’s not related.
Like she does cheap roles but whose name gets dragged? Tae.

Also Weeknd lyrics are always questionable, idk how so many can support him


Maybe cause he is dating her and he bought it upon himself by making it loud and clear just some weeks ago. I mean you really can’t blame netizens to bring him also. When he is Jennie’s bf whether you like it or not.


She is absolutely disgusting with no morals. A whore for Hollywood fame. This isn’t about her simulating sex scenes, it’s about the fact that she’s soooo happy to participate in a porn series that is centered about rape fantasies and treating women like sex objects. Anyone defending her is either sooooooooo idiotic or just like her, with zero morals.


Tae tae really chose well, did she even ask him for his opinion on this role? I don’t think so, she cares so much about money that she can even sell her image for it.

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