Jennie Solo Stans Caught Spreading Lies Again

A newly created account with 0 followers started speculating dating rumors involving Lisa and a producer from SM.

Jennie Solo stans took advantage of this post and exploited it further by creating false narrative, and editing photos to make it seem real.

The producer later on posted a story to debunk such ludicrous allegations.

This isn’t the first time Jennie solo stans did this and they are notoriously known for blocking people that could potentially call then out for their bs. Users @jnkobsession and @jencoholic started this mess by spreading lies after lies, edits after edits just for the malicious intent of slandering Lisa.

Jennie fans going to greater lengths to spread rumors even falsely bribing people making them the lowest of the low.

They tried to make the matter worse by attempting to trend a ht. Their ht #hyunsaireal has been surpassed by #jendragonisreal since Lilies are far more superior when it comes to trending.

Hopefully, YG ent will look into this because it’s been going on for a long time and is getting out of hand.