Jennie Solo Stans Caught Spreading Lies Again

A newly created account with 0 followers started speculating dating rumors involving Lisa and a producer from SM.

Jennie Solo stans took advantage of this post and exploited it further by creating false narrative, and editing photos to make it seem real.

The producer later on posted a story to debunk such ludicrous allegations.

This isn’t the first time Jennie solo stans did this and they are notoriously known for blocking people that could potentially call then out for their bs. Users @jnkobsession and @jencoholic started this mess by spreading lies after lies, edits after edits just for the malicious intent of slandering Lisa.

Jennie fans going to greater lengths to spread rumors even falsely bribing people making them the lowest of the low.

They tried to make the matter worse by attempting to trend a ht. Their ht #hyunsaireal has been surpassed by #jendragonisreal since Lilies are far more superior when it comes to trending.

Hopefully, YG ent will look into this because it’s been going on for a long time and is getting out of hand.

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Jennie & her stans are so problematic


why are you even including jennie lol

what she do? did she trend the hashtag too or what?


like idols like fans🤢🤢🤢


god u are so right, idols definitely inspire their fans to act like them. that’s why kpop twitter unanimously agrees that lisards are the ugliest, most insecure and most chronically attention seeking solo fandom.


Yg better move!!!!


Like there’s no problem with dating but basing it on some photos?

Jennitals nation

Jn’s emv is so embarrassing so they’re trying to divert the attention once again.

Jennitals 3x

Yg you’re so useless!!!

Jennitals 3x

They desperately want to pass on the bitch title to Lisa lol pls jennie will always be the whore and bitch of the group

Jennitals 3x

Blinks so useless


Disgusting, always problematic


Jennies is so problematic can she leave the group already


Jennie fans love lying and bully others idols fans because their fave can’t keep her private life for herself

on the floor

Wtf?? all they do is lie in their daily basis

on the flop

Jennie fans are bunch of pathological liars

gone 6ft underground

Jennie fans are so desperate


Call out your fans jennie!!!


Jnkobsessios is so obsessed with lisa omg

hard to listen

only Jennie was caught by dispatch that’s why her fans are desperate to the point that they spreading a baseless rumor


talking about these posts in general, can pannkpop filters out these posts like I get it you want some users here to post their own posts for people to discuss , to share opinions but please review the post first before allowing it to be posted it here whether they are suited to be posted here or not

chicken dance

Jennie fans picked a fight then victimized themselves repeatedly


Lisa’s fans are minding their business then Jennie’s fans kept spreading rumors.


Leave lisa alone weirdos!! B


jennie stans keep denying about jennie and gd dating while shipping taehyung and jennie relationships


jennie stans bragging about impact but her emv literally the least one in blackpink members. She is nothing without her mom connections


unhinged jendogs


Lol it’s fun watching two of the worst kpop stans fighting


Don’t get me started on the Jencohoelic piece of shit calling lisa a koreaboo and the constant harrasment towards lisa and how she claimed to know the private accounts of Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo, even her own fav

Hard to Love

Jencoholic had put all that energy into this but the moment jennie wore those cornrows she deactivated instead of holding her accountable but that piece of shit is the first to weaponize racism

No one

her fans are so embarrassing!

Most of you are lol

Disgusting jennie fans need therapist

Kpop is toxic

After spreading fake news about lisa and g* now this? Jennie stan Go to the therapist!


Blinks are the cyber bullies. Lisa fans spread false rumour about Dahyun when She just skipped an ad! Karma is a b!tch


Why are you mentioning someone who’s unknown like y’all werent calling Lisa transgender and many other insults and attacking her everywhere,and saying YG uses ads. The real karma here is flophyun not getting the hit she wished Tank That Flop to be on her forgetable birthday


Jennie fans are problematic and nasty🤢


Jennie should talk about her fans being disgusting and teach them good things


Imagine calling a girl as whore over kpop jennie fans got serious personality issue


Jennie is literally the idol with the most dating news, her losers fans claim to love her and support her no matter what but it’s clear they can’t accept the truth or her relationships lmao she’s been obsessed with Gdragon for years, admitted to study him to be just like him ?? Jenliars are so ready to accept V but not the guy their idol is obsessed with. Maybe if she spent more time rehearsing being an artist instead of hanging out with racist, nepo and abusers she wouldn’t have so many shitty performance every comeback and her fans would be satisfied with her as an idol.


That #JENDRAGONISREAL hashtag is still trending on Twitter lmao. The funny thing is, some V stans are also trending that hashtag.


Well, Jennie stans are known for being pathological liars and racists and slutshamers too

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