Jennie was chosen as the best dressed star at the Met Gala

Jennie was chosen as the best dressed star at the Met Galaㅋㅋㅋ

1. Daebak, human Chanel, Kim Jennie!!!

2. She’s seriously so pretty

3. As expected… It’s been a while since I’ve seen her dressed like that

4. Human Chanel

5. Jennie is so pretty

6. Jennie in Chanel is so cool

7. Jennie looks like a doll ㅠㅜ

8. She deserves it, she’s so pretty

9. Her aura is amazing… She’s so pretty

10. Her face shape is really amazing

11. Jennie is f*cking pretty

12. The outfit suits her so well, it’s so pretty…

13. Wow, Jennie’s aura is crazy

14. As expected, Jennie always dresses well

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translating instiz posts with 2k views 💀💀

Ladyboy lisa

😂😂😂 damn the bar is hell


The bar for vogue itself u mean?

Color color stan

Have you seen anna wintour? The bar is definitely in hell 😂


W Staff putting her there for clicks and attention and they know it damn well 😭
Wanna talk about best dressed in all truth? Annok Yai, Anne Hathaway, Gisele Bündchen, Cardi B (all 4 dressed ate DOWN), Dua Lipa, Jenna Ortega.


Meanwhile your faves are stuck with wearing boring tuxedo 24/7. Worry about that instead user blinkpink aka jobless ratmy


Me when I’m delusional 💀 But then again what else is to be expected when yall would eat shit as long as it comes from them 4 fads? Worry about that tablecloth inside of the boring tuxedos, twink


Agree no one can beat Annok Yai beautiful, talented and inspirational. I can’t forget how she ate that gold dress. Definitely the best dressed so far


I’m sorry but none of the paparazzi were even looking at her, this is YG mediaplay in real-time


true. high fashion critics don’t like blackpink girlies at all because fans hype them up so much but they’re just so bland


All those salty fans writing like experts, when she’s being praised by fashion experts 👑😎💅


lmaoooooo the bar is in hell. no one is agreeing to that best dress its met gala she looked like she’ll serve them the hors d’oeuvres


never noticed how big hee forehead was until now


the comments here being from bitter and jealous armys.. im laughing so hard


why are we giving wh0r3s a platform? she should be in some random clubs twerking like what she always does

Like Crazy

GD must have paid them


Yg media play at it again. I seriously think pannchoa and pannkpop admins are paid to post even the lowest liked and viewed posts about BP members to international audience to keep these girls relevant. No one was even looking at maidnie. Boring and forgettable.


Lmao the delusions when that girlie flopped big time with her waitress dress. The extent YG goes to, to keep these girls career afloat.


Easily one of the worst dressed and that’s as honest as I can be today. A check was cashed somewhere…

Color color stan

In the ocean full of anne hathaway and jenna ortega they think this tramp’s outfit is good? yg mediaplay here we go 😂

WhatsThe Point

Did y’all see the video where she’s posing but all cameras are towards Margot and everyone’s screaming margot’s name😭 so embarrassing


Chosen by who? Paid by who? 😂

Teenaged puppy

Not this 2003 Texas homecoming dress getting media played as revolutionary. YG is shameless

are they really?

against popular sentiment here i think she looks amazing like an expensive princess
gala is for the crazy

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