Jennie wore underboob outfit at Coachella

Jennie wore underboob outfit at Coachella…

Unnie ㅠㅠ Confucian girls are crying

1. Unnie is so hot, the stage was so hot but the outfit was crazy too

2. Jennie is a really hot girl, she’s so cool

3. Seriously, she’s a hot girl

4. I watched all the stages, but I was shocked after reading this postㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I just looked at her face

5. Well, I didn’t know it was underboob

6. She’s a hot girl~ The stage was really cool

7. But the design suits her so well

8. Wow, seriously amazing, that pink really suits her…

9. Since it’s a stage outfit, it’s cool

10. Hul, I didn’t know when I saw her on stage

11. Jennie seems to express her opinions a lot about stage outfits, if Jennie had rejected it, she probably wouldn’t have worn it

12. Wow, she looks so pretty in that stage outfit

13. She looks like a pop star

14. It’s pretty, but I wish she didn’t wear it while dancing.. ㅠㅠ I worry about everything

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They better keep the same energy for other girl groups


you better keep the same energy for blackpink


No problem because her breast is small




Even if it was big again no problem

BP passed around by YG, Teddy, GD, Kai & Jeremy

Yep, yg approves, there’s no problem at all. that’s his yg princess


Her breast is pretty, meanwhile yours is soggy


come on you never saw me . I don’t know what the international equivalent .but .I’m wearing a 95 D ıam sure you dont believe me but i have big breasts


Y’all are lame in the comments. Don’t even gotta like the girl but damn☠️ slutshaming is never cool


Who’s slutshaming her?


try reading the other comments


Look at your @…then come again


It’s a side boob and it’s covered with mesh


Bro your username really tells that who is original YouTube slaves


Just find a job cuz your oppad are old and dickless


Queen. I know they mad 🔥


When the stans in your own group stop fighting, you can see that the armys don’t actually comment at all. Also, no one will stop attacking bp if you keep yelling at taehyung. It’s a mutual affair baby💀

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 slút cycles

Ask your girlies to respect their fans first, always just caring about money and a white audience and only going on paid lives and not knowing the choreo in their paid concerts 💀🤮

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 slút cycles

Keep it up jennifer, you really living up to your reputation 👏

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

Why are armpits here?

dot com bubble

Saying this while having that as your username LMAO. Replace the first word with one of your girlies and the last word with either YG or Jeremy and it would be a fact.


you didn’t reply any of the comments that slutshame blackpink, you never do. you are the same with those ignorant people so shut up


It’s interesting how Jennie gets very nervous in public but also has no problem dressing the sexiest of all the members.

WhatsThe Point

The hair is atrocious

Blackpink the youtube slaves

Stop deleting comments


Girlie always living up to her slutnie name. Seoul cycle for a reason. She is the biggest how in kpop and has always been wild, obsessed with sex, dirty minded even at a young age. Her questionable pictures from her school days prove it. There is nothing decent about lazynie


the only way she stays relevent, dating arround, wearing revealing clothes, staring in a p0rn


so when it’s her it’s fine but when it’s other female idols it’s a problem hmmm interesting. at the end of the day she’s a lazy dancer & doesn’t have stage presence. she uses outfits that are basically underwear to get attention. and her stan’s will blame the outfit for bearly being able to move with her lazy moves hahaha


She doesn’t even bother to sing


I’m crying someone in tiktok called her bloated insect🤣

Blackpink the youtube slaves

Ew No wonder GD is the only man attracted to her

Last edited 7 months ago by Blackpink the youtube slaves

SLAVE sluthyung is a stalker of her.

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