Jennie’s aunt liked comments mentioning Taennie

The woman on the left side of Jennie is Jennie’s aunt who attended Born Pink Seoul Encore Finale along with Jennie’s mom.

Jennie’s aunt posted a picture on her Instagram account and she used Taehyung’s song “For Us” on that post. 

Taennie shippers noticed Jennie’s aunt used Taehyung’s solo song and started commenting about Taehyung and Jennie and Jennie’s aunt liked all the comments mentioning Taennie

She even liked a comment calling her a “Taennie suppoter” 

So what do you all think about this?

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When will this girl stop using tae name for her mediaplay?? her title article on naver & her magazine too are using tae name for clickbait just to promoting her own project those past years…no words its always come from her side

Also her auntie liking hate comment about jenma too on her ig🤔i guess she supporting her antis now

Last edited 2 months ago by maomao69

Seriously. The only one who has benefitted from this is her. All the leaks were from her side too.


Ugh great. Now their unbearable shippers are going to relate that song to their ship every time now. For Us was the army favorite too.
Also, her aunt was spam liking a bunch of comments. even hate comments about jennie


Whether they’re dating or not, it’s cheap for them (Jennie and her family) to use that supposed relationship for clicks


This is embarrassing! Everyone is obsessed with bts 😹 the company, the fans, the staffs, the families and even the members too

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