Jennie’s character identity revealed in episode 2 ‘The Idol’ aired today + Netizens talk about Jennie’s acting

Jennie’s character identity revealed in episode 2 ‘The Idol’ aired today (spoiler)

In a scene with Tedros (played by The Weeknd), Dyanne (played by Jennie) reveals that she had befriended Jocelyn (played by Lily Rose-Depp) at the behest of Tedros. It is also revealed that Dyanne had a long-standing sexual relationship with Jocelyn’s newest boyfriend (Tedros), asking him, “Is she (Jocelyn) a better f*ck than me?”

1. She looks sleepy… Why can’t she use her expression?ㅠㅠ

2. She couldn’t even act, so why did I play such a role?

3. The acting of the two of them is bad, so it’s funny

4. What are the two of them doing?… Jennie, don’t do things like this…

5. Wow but their acting is weird

6. BLACKPINK and The Weeknd should just be singers

7. All I can see is that The Weeknd’s acting is so bad

8. Low rating is due to acting skills

9. But the lines are f*cking stupid

10. The lines and acting… It’s a mess

11. I don’t know, but that guy named The Weeknd is so popular?? Why???

12. Hmm, Jennie’s acting and lines are weird

13. Jennie really can’t act

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wtf? 😂😂😂😂😂


YG just said jennie not being offered by MCU role. Lol there is no way MCU dare to give a MCU role to POC who never prove they are good actor or not. I am convinced its actually another korean actress got the role but they got confused it with jennie simply because she is korean too.

Both jennie n the weeknd really bad in acting. The worst thing about idol is that no one in that series good in acting lol.


No one got confused for her, that was just media play to turn the narrative bc she is getting so much hate for this role, the same with her being sick 🐂💩


she always being the weakest and laziest in tbe group, she should be retired asap if she keep making lame excuses when performing


was she sick or was she just hungover? being dizzy and throwing up? seem more like she’s getting fucked up and not being able to do her job.


And I guess it worked somewhat. Now if you search for Jennie acting or something similar, a lot of people would find articles about the MCU role before they find articles about her role in The Idol.


Prob media play for jenfad, we know she loves ‘clout’


It’s very basic acting

Actually i still don’t know why jennie would day a yes to such a role

Kpop stars are know to keep a innocent and good publ8c image instead of doing Guffy stuff like western pop stars who are always in a heat of controversies all the time.

Despite having a good girl image, why did she out of no where choose to role in such a series including sex and violence….the series is really dark….I’d rather expect Jessie to do such role…she had more of a frank and daring image in kpop.


Or eveb hyolyn in that case would work


I wonder how she said those lines without greeting her teeth. I cringed so bad by just hearing it


she doesn’t have a good girl image, she has a bad bitch persona


P0rnstar yg


honestly, the way she says her lines are so awkward… she makes the weeknd look like the better actor which is hard because the weekend SUCKS


Exactly my thoughts! In that scene Abel looks normal, that should tell you how bad of an actress Jennie is


the weekend’s michael jackson voice when he speaks is goofy lol


…i feel like watching quite awkward acting from the people who don’t know how to act…i feel cringed out.
Can we stop talking about this show now


When I thought Abel couldn’t be worse of an actor they give lines to Jennie proving that she’s even worse 😭
She’s lucky to appear for less than a minute per episode


the whole series is just a trash


God… they’re both terrible.


she’s obsessed in being white girl


a backup dancing whore. got it, proud of her


Years later, she’ll cringe watching this


No. She has been a resident whore since she was in her teen years. Slutshaming other girls, being a bully and her pics with provocative sex signs, drinking and partying lifestyle. Nothing much has changed since becoming an idol other than the fact that YG tried to give jennie a luxurious classy image contrary to her real personality. This show and the recent years prove tacky and classless she really is. Plus her friend circle full of bullies and sexual predators.

Some people will remain cheap and disgusting so don’t worry about her ever regretting this.


Jennie literally can’t do anything right. She is lazy, unprofessional can’t act, can’t sing, can’t rap, can’t dance and she looks like crap without her usual luxurious styling from YG. Her ugly visuals are exposed the more she ventures into US market where Korea’s pics editing and top styling can’t save her. Talentless lazy ugly hag.


Yeah this slut deserves the dragging she gets. Probably why she was “sick” at the concert… more sympathy media play


I feel like the hate jennie gets is very well deserved tbh. I have never seen an idol so unprofessional and thankless as her. First her unlimited lazy scandals when other female idols work to their bones to give good performances yet her inconsistent, lack of energy or effort gets praised and shielded by fans but she has all the time and energy for her western friends who are disgusting rapists.

Any other female idol in her place would get 10x the hate jennie gets. Imagine female idol rubbing herself all over males at parties. Heck taehyun from txt got hate for being close to a female while Jennie does this regularly. Her outfits are provocative and made for male gaze specifically. She consistently wears little to nothing at concerts being attended by underage kids yes kids cuz majority of BP audience are less than 15 yr old in US. Her various dating scandals starting not even 2 yrs after debut. Girlie started looking bored the moment she made a debut. Wonyoung is 6 years into her career but imagine the backlash if she had as much dating scandals as dozen jennie. She has also done multiple cultural appropriation despite living outside of Korea and is well aware of the consequences of her action but she still gets shielded while other idols are dragged to this day like RM.

And now she has willingly chosen to participate in a rape fantasy show objectifying women, being vulgar and indecent is like second nature to her so that’s not surprising. Not a single intelligent word comes out of her mouth yet she is idolized as a feminist when she has done only the opposite. On top of that she is the definition of a nepokid and has been handed everything on a silver platter since she was young. Never worked hard a single day in her life. I have never seen a more shameless and pathetic idol. It shows how strong mediaplay and false image is so important to keep careers afloat. Disgusting


People often forget she had bullying allegations against her during her debut and YG quietly hid all of that under a rug. And not to mention people saw she attended met Gala but they forgot the person who was being honored was a known bigot racist as well as n@zi suporter. Chanel the brand was made by a whole n@zi woman and the money Chanel made most of it went to those horrendous camps. These all facts are literally available in history books. Blinks are always so proudly saying Karl chose her as last of chanel ambassadors. They are forgetting a n@zi supporter choosing her for a n@zi supporter brand. So we can definitely say Jn herself is also a n@zi supporter.
I am just baffled how she can easily wear these ca things out in public and get away with it. Meanwhile any other female artist goes through hell if they mistakenly do it. She even have lived outside of Korea, knows english and is currently pursuing Hollywood career. I mean how much can she get away with it really. I have already lost all respect for her when she signed thar drama and was seen roaming around with known r@pists, bullies, bigots from Hollywood.


Wait, what??? Chanel was made by a nazi woman?! Are you serious? Can you share links to sources, please?


Just put Coco Chanel and N@zi on search bar on Google. You will literally find hundreds of articles on that. This matter has even been covered by many youtubers too. It’s very easily available. I can’t share links here. I don’t know what’s the system here. They only let share twitter links and nothing else. Just search it up and you will know.


There is also Harvard’s article on it. I have tried to share you the link on another comment which is currently “under approval” so I don’t know if you can see it. So I am writing this third comment. Idk this site doesn’t let you share links apart from twitter one.

Jennie’s Gross

google it – you cant post links here

Last edited 5 months ago by Jennie’s Gross
smack ma ass

What made her wants to join this drama? I mean is she going to be villain or what?


Jennie has been close friends with Abel’s girlfriend (Simi Khadra) for many years and probably got introduced to him by Simi. Jennie is now friends with Abel too and I think she probably was invited to join the show by him.

Btw, Simi was Bella Hadid’s best friend, they knew each other since childhood, called each other sisters. But after Bella and Abel broke up, Simi started dating him so ofc Bella isn’t friends with her anymore. And I’ve even seen some Abel’s fans say that Simi and Abel likely started fooling around when him and Bella were still together…

The truth

Im just thankful this isn’t my fave


Man.. Even I cn do better than both of them


I can’t express how disgusted I feel to see Jenny in this series 💩🤮


Theres a reason yg try to push mysterious image on her, within a year you got the gist of how much an airhead she is

Jennie’s Gross

She wanted to reveal here true self. I guess fucking to get to the top was part of her truth.

No wonder she has trouble hiding that bad dark aura that everyone can detect under her fake baby voice and wanna be baby persona

Last edited 5 months ago by Jennie’s Gross

Corny lines and cringy acting 😂😂

Really, it was so awkward to watch those few seconds. Second hand embarrassment is real guys 😁

Weeknd, please just stay as a singer!


The weekend should’ve stick to singing & janie should’ve stay being an influencer

나리 nari

Lots of media play, Marvel would not cast an extra, unless she would’ve broke all ratings getting extremely good reviews.
But she didn’t do that, she can’t with a 1 minute role appearance. Besides that she’s very controversial, and so are the other Blackpink girls. I was surprised to see Lisa dance on a strip bar to an audience of minors. Like what in the world these girls are thinking?! They’ve reach an inorganic stage of “oh I’m famous” that their brains stopped working. They should just retire at this point, and remain as the insta influencers. That’s all they are after all.


The obsession with lisa when it’s not even about her lol also jen is going to get that mcu rolo, so save ur tears for later you’ll need them lol


YG already denied it


Denied Jennie being in the marvel role ?

나리 nari

Yup, both YG and Marvel denied it. So, it was media play. Lol

나리 nari

BP girls they’re all the same. Their fans can defend them all they want, but considering majority of their fans especially overseas, are minors, how pole dancing is educational in any way? What their fans are learning from them ? And that’s a genuine question. They don’t write their own songs, or lyrics, they’re not able to produce a song by themselves, they go on hiatus and come back with a world tour that people should pay 500USD for a ticket, yet they go on stage where it shows they cant dance, sing nor have stage presence and now they can’t act.
Scandals after scandals, and the only thing they’re good at is going to fashion events and pose for pictures.
And that, is after 7 years in the industry.
Cmon, have some common sense. You Blinks, literally have run out of excuses for these girls.

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