Jennie’s dance segment in ‘The Idol’ creates a heated discussion among Chinese netizens

After making waves in the music industry, BLACKPINK’s Jennie recently made her debut in the highly anticipated HBO series ‘The Idol.’

While her appearance in the series garnered more attention than the series itself, it also sparked a heated debate among Chinese netizens due to a provocative dance scene that left many questioning the appropriateness of the portrayal.

While some netizens initially came to the defense saying that these kind of segments are very common in American dramas, most netizens thought ‘it was too much’.

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Vulgar and obscene. Jennie is the perfect representation of those words. A sl*t through and through


And V likes that slut so much. Birds of a feather


What are you even talking about😭


Tae & Jennie are fuck buddies


Personally I don’t think so it’s that bad as compared to other scene of the drama. This drama has worst sides


she is acting in a soft porn show bffr
they are using her fandom where critics are criticizing this show her fans are supporting this show not to mention sam is a rapist.
tell me what do u think of jennie when she is between men humping on to each other. as an asian women couldnt they give her a better role?
chinese are right here west uses Asians deep down they ride on popularity
since kpop is female domination if it was any male idols acting in that movies gg stans must have ruined his future by now and put rape charges on him. she could have chose to work in k dramas like jisoo

Guest man

The whole fvcking drama is wrong. None scene is less or more wrong. Everything is wrong. I have been a fan of Troye Sivan and he has disappointed me immensely by signing to this drama to the point that I have to stop supporting him as a fan. His role seems like a stereotypical gay man role. Who is friends with white girls. I wouldn’t be shocked if they use his character as a gossip material soon.

This drama is worst thing and whole cast and crew is disgusting to even be a part of something like this. There is no discrimination in this. Yeah Sam Levison and Weeknd deserves more beating and lashings than others because they wrote this r@pe fanatsy script but other actors decided to be a part of it. And I don’t think it’s hard for Johnny Depp’s daughter, worldwide famous group famous member and others to leave this show instantly or sue this show asap when the female director left and Sam entered. It’s no brainer all other ppl would have been with them if they left the show and exposed them to the public of what they are showing with that show. But they went to fvcking Cannes and behaved like they gave mfing Oscar worthy performance or something….when that show is even worse than a D-grade movie. Even P09n stars give much more better acting than what they are giving on that show.
The thing is this whole show shouldn’t even exist. And hyping any one on this means your support to that show. And that’s that. You can’t act like ‘oh I hate that show because they are objectifying women’ and then go on hyping anyone from that show. It’s like giving your support and it means your hypocrisy.

Last edited 3 months ago by It needs to be said

Its usual US drama. But jennie look cheap for accepting this role just for barely having scenes n all she have mainly partying, dancing, grinding. She seem doesnt care about being good actress. She seem just want to be popular in US.


they’re spitting facts


this whole series is rape fantasy and porn
idk how her fans are defending this movie when critics are downrating this
like “he is so rapey”- “Oh yeah i kinda like that about him” What the actual fuck is that? isnt their band a women empowerment band and doesn’t their fandom claim to be feminist fandom? and now they are shooting for a movie that think of women as a thing and submissive slut to play with
Jennie is never going to be a feminist for me idc about other and if their fandom brings ut feminism topics in the future then remember they are selective feminists and misogynist+ misandric deep down

but I wasn’t done…

Anything for that western validation. She’s nasty for this


It’s very weird how most prominent roles played by Asians are always martial art related. No huge A list stars like Leonardo Dicalrio or Will Smith despite Asians being there for more than hundreds of years and contributing to science, tech and etc
Even the most recent famous rom com movie cast a wasian. They make sure to cast handsome whites but cast the ugliest most problematic Asian man they could find for the first Asian male lead in Marvel. Mind you there’s a big market of billions of Asians and Hollywood only started pushing Asians bc they’re doing bad (since the only movies that do well are super hero movies or action movies). There are no legendary Asian singers in America either.

I always wondered why? I have this silly theory of them not pushing Asians due to Asian countries economies rising and not wanting any further soft power advantages in the west unlike Black celebrities and African countries who are not a threat. They make sure to push Asian stereotypes in their movies so they’re not slick.

Teenaged puppy

This is dumb




slutnie ew


In what universe did “ her appearance in the series garnered more attention than the series itself”???

This series has had controversy for months now and not related to Jennie


isn’t Jennie the one getting dragged the most and getting slutshamed left and right???? literally everywhere


It’s among kpop fans not everywhere.
She should ahve expected that considering she is well aware of kpop industry and fandom culture


Please, whether you’re a fan of hers or not, please do NOT watch that show. Don’t give them any attention, views and clout.

The director, the Weeknd, and everyone involved are disgusting and vile freaks. Let that show flop.


too late, it’s now the number 1 tv drama on internet, it ranked number 1 in engagements. Antis helped achieving that


It’s not really an achievement.


She is always cheap to me. Not giving 💯 in concerts, getting much push from company during debut but misused it with arrogance. Her rude face is caught many times. She is jealous on lisa. She always acts energetic in Western concerts and gives bare minimum in Asian concerts. Dating 3 men back to back with no sign of sadness because of previous breakup. Partying in clubs, shooting underwear ads, acting in porn jz to get a light in US. She fakes injuries for actual work but she is all active in US for these kind of things. Acts shy in airports and interviews but removes clothes in concerts. She is soo fake


Why y’all so shocked? According to gurumiharibo, jennie sent naked photos to taehyung 🤢 both disgusting..


They do more things naked than just sending nude pics lmao. Acting like every other dating person isn’t having s*x? Jenwhore must be good at sucking dicks and giving a head that’s why V and other top industry idols can use her as a sex tool and then pass her on to other new ones. It’s better to be with someone experienced who gives the feelimg of a prostitute while enjoying s*x rather than looking for inexperienced girls to have fun


i am so disgusted and disappointed with Jennie. I am unstanning for good.


Not the hypocrites in the comments acting like they never had watched a sex scene or a porn video in their entire life.🤭

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