Jennie’s face is no longer the same, so what has changed?

I’m not sure exactly what has changed from before

Has her impression changed?

[+220, -74]

1. [+117, -38] She’s also getting old

2. [+102, -45] It’s crazy that you saved all her bad pictures and posted them..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This was Jennie’s picture taken at the airport in the most recent article..

3. [+93, -35] Jennie is Jennie.. She still looks the same, right?

4. [+89, -26] This was her at the Met Gala recently

5. [+77, -2] But her face has changed so much… Rosé, Jisoo and Lisa still look the same

6. [+56, -16] She’s old, swollen and tired

7. [+39, -4] The older she gets, the less pretty her face becomes

8. [+17, -2] Jisoo still looks pretty, I think her age doesn’t matter

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Prolly on drugs or just normal aging



LGBTS Gaymin Ratjoon Horseok AnusD Flopjin Femcock Jennhyung

old Jennjumma


. [+102, -45] It’s crazy that you saved all her bad pictures and posted them..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This was Jennie’s picture taken at the airport in the most recent article..

Hey dude Definitely not bad photo REAL photo they are Korea based cameras always make shop for celebrities and the photo you showed was posted by dispatch. Foreign media never forgives.Takes a picture of you as you are

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Ikr korean media gives too much edit


She happy with taehyung

No Name No Face

My fav lesbien couple. Jenny and V 💖🔥

Teenaged puppy

Isnt STDennie a dog? Tae loves them but doesn’t fuck them.




Fck off armyshit


Why are you swearing at someone for mentioning GD, but you are allowed toto comment V? You fans are so obsessed with bts and their validation

No Name No Face

GD and V?

uga uga

It’s simple, now she is trying to give alexa demie (maddie in euphoria) vibes and energy. The make-up, the poses, the clothes, etc.


She’s not confident enough to be herself. Tryna so hard to be someone else. This is fatherless behavior


Because of her horrible lifestyle. Lisa also has chubby cheeks but it’s not saggy like Jens. Jen is aging badly. And now that she’s dating that pretty boy from #that group it will look more obvious when they stand together.

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She’s just getting older, k-netizens are just too used to see idols with filters, and tf with 4th coomm, it doesn’t even look like her with so much photoshop


“Getting older” and it’s a 27 year old 💀


She looks older than average kpop idols at her age even nana and yoona looks prettier than her


She wants to be white so bad that she’s aging as quickly as a white woman damn. She should marry GD fast before her first wrinkle appear


Too much party, alcohol, drugs and sex ofc


It’s literally just her style of makeup at this event. There’s already been multiple articles on it. The style doesn’t suit her because it’s more mature and she has a youthful face. You can say it’s her lifestyle all you want, but we all know that she has more than enough money to fix up any damage she incurs, so even saying that as an attempt to drag her is pointless and dumb.
inb4 accusing me of being a stan: not even a blackpink stan & not whiteknighting her, this is just a fact. in fact i think most blackpink music is mid at best.

d d

she’s pretty, but she’s never been a great beauty and it’s really showing more these days. she’s kind of plain.


why knetz surprised, she’s always looks like that without makeup. you just getting used to see her with full makeup



Teenaged puppy

Welp when you live like a street whore it wears you down and you start looking like a street whore. She and crackśe should really take a break from being sluts




these comments are from those annoying armys don’t worry everyone knows tannie is mediaplay


“jennie looks the same!!!!!!!!!!!!” *proceeds to post the most edited picture of her as proof*


idk maybe she was on heavy makeups before?


well she’s 32 yo, so it’s expected to look like that


And her stans are always so quick to speak on everyone’s looks lmaooo

Jon Xina

Old, bad lip fillers, sagging jowls, recessed chin, scar under her eye from falling over drunk , drug use, etc


She definitely did something to her face. She used to look prettier before but now looks different
When she partied during Covid in America and released a video of her in corset looking into camera yeah she messed up her face bc she looked really weird that were even posts from Koreans

I think she did something to her cheeks probably to be taken more seriously and now looks older when she’s only 27

It’s a shame bc chubby cheeks make you look younger


She looks like a junkie


It’s just makeup and lighting

kamu ihale uzmanı

Kamu ihalelerine katılan firmaların, inşaat şirketlerinin, taşeron firmaların ihale aşamasında ve özel sektör işin yapım öncesi ve sonrasında en önem göstermesi gereken konuların başında gelen keşif metrajların hazırlanması yaklaşık maliyet hesaplamalarının çıkartılması gerekmektedir. Merter Proje Yönetimi olarak lisans sahibi olduğumuz AMP programı ile bütün bu işler kuruşu kuruşuna hesaplanarak siz değerli müşterilerimize hizmet vermekteyiz.


why are they acting like she used to be this stunning model?

she’s always looked like a cute korean girl. she’s not ugly but there was never anything special or unique about her. there are exchange students at my college who look prettier than her. the only appeal she has had was that yg put her in expensive clothing, heavily marketed her as “human chanel” and only allowed pre-recorded and edited performances and appearances of her.

she’s always been an average-looking girl with an average body who hid behind a meticulously crafted image. now that she’s trying to make it in hollywood, she’s facing western press and media which include non-edited pictures and videos of her.


as simple as she’s overworked and tired…..


bad photos most likely


The amount of plastic surgeries and fillers she got is catching up to her I fear. And it’s not like she was breathtakingly beautiful to begin with. There is a reason why yg promoted her as rich “human gucci” at debut rather than for her visuals cuz she had none to begin with. She only suits certain makeup and styling and the way this is going she will only get uglier as she ages.

Her predebut pics are the most shocking among current idols. She wouldn’t even pass up as a backup dancer if she did not have the luxury of changing her whole face.


I feel bad for her future kids cuz the girlie did manage to change her face completely through ps and it worked wonders for her but her children are going to be born ugly and they would have to go through the same procedures to pass up as average looking people whether or not they join the industry cz her genes are horrible.




comment number 4…. that’s a heavy editing


she’s never been pretty to begin with that’s all make up. the Idols that I found naturally pretty is tzuyu , Sana , Mina and Irene


Can knetz stop posting these weird overly whitewashed and airbrushed pics of idols. It’s not an insult if someone’s aging is showing on their face. It just shows how human they are.

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