Jennie’s fans harassing Taehyung, Lisa and Jisoo

RECENTLY a group chat of jennie’s fans was exposed! The messages are all from her fans calling and harassing other idols , they called Taehyung R*tarded , called Jisoo plastic surgery monster and called Lisa a Thai w*re

This is not the first time their groupchat  was exposed, in 2021 their groupchat was exposed and a lot of her fans were harassing her members and many female idols ..

Wondering what’s the reason !?is it because Jennie is flopping lately?

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Never seen a nontoxic blink. Bp stans are legit disgusting. I thought vips were bad but bp stans are up there. There must be something about yg being a cesspool of criminals and illegal activity it attracts the same kind of fans


This is a solo fandom, clearly – Jennie’s akgaes, to be exact. And let’s not pretend other fandoms, group or solo, are not disgusting. And it’s not like other kpop companies are not cesspools (case in point: recent PROVEN voting fraud from Hybe), so drop the innocent act.


damn. save v from blinks and solo stans

WhatsThe Point

I have seen a pattern, whenever blinks or Jennie solos want to hide/ cover up something they bring up tae’s accidental follow/unfollow and start calling him names.
I want armys to be nastier cause the hate tae gets is normalised a lot

wtf is wrong with this site

not y’all acting like armys aren’t nasty enough bc both fandoms are sure as hell toxic af 💀


we’re nasty toward you??as we should.yall deserve it as fuck.wrap this “both fandoms are toxic” excuse up these two fandoms are nothing alike.the comment is right we’re not doing it as we should & this made your fandom too comfortable to bring his dead grandmother in their every shity conversations & call him horrible names to cool down their wild nature.they’re trash talking about him for years now we’re seriously not responding how we should.


YG truly attracts those criminals and druggies like their favs…


Pannkpop admins can yall pls get an effing grip on your website? Like, it’s been nothing but a sh*t show from BP akgaes ffs. At least check the freaking “articles” that they write. It’s been back and forth of the stupidest sh*t and you’re giving these idiots a platform ugh.


Jennifer’s stans are the trashiest of all atm. Like idol like fan ig. As if she hasn’t had enough scandals and involving Tae in bullshit while getting coddled for her carelessness.

I’m tired of that dozen and her fans. At least her musical career is coming to an end.


Like idol like fan anyways I’m not surprised. They always hate tae because they wanted those shitty speculations were true. Live a life suckers


Los akgaes de Jennie son realmente insoportables acosan Tae editan fotos asiendo ver que está con Jennie pero cuando se sacó el comunicado que básicamente se está negando la relación comenzaron a atacar a Tae llamándolo de muchas maneras despectivas igual con Lisa los akgaes de Jennie comenzaron a crear rumores falsos hacía Lisa, acosaron a la familia y amigos de Lisa los akgaes de Jennie tiene que dejar su obsesión con Lisa ellos en verdad nesecitan ir a un psicólogo o un siquiatra.

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