Jennie’s first acting challenge ‘The Idol’ was criticized

1. She really doesn’t have an eye on scripts, please listen to what others have to say when choosing the script in the future

2. She appeared and promoted the drama, so she had to accept the criticism

3. What makes me more curious is her own choice… Why did Jennie make such a project? It doesn’t seem to be good for her at all

4. Thanks to this drama, I know what kind of person The Weeknd is, now I can’t listen to his songs

5. They went there and promoted together, but of course they had no choice but to be mentioned together. So she has to accept the criticism

6. I heard that the script was changed midway after everything was decided? So isn’t Jennie also a victim?

7. Ah, isn’t this ruining BLACKPINK’s reputation?ㅠㅠㅠ

8. I really don’t understand why she chose this drama

9. I don’t think Jennie’s career will be affected because of this

10. Jennie went to Cannes and promoted this drama so she has to take responsibility for what she did, it’s her own choice

11. In the first place, Jennie did it because she wanted to do it, but what kind of victim is she? She even went to Cannes

12. I think it would have been better if she hadn’t gone to Cannes

13. But Jennie, why did you film this drama?

14. This time it’s a supporting role, but who knows if it will be the female lead next time or not

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