Jennie’s first acting challenge ‘The Idol’ was criticized

1. She really doesn’t have an eye on scripts, please listen to what others have to say when choosing the script in the future

2. She appeared and promoted the drama, so she had to accept the criticism

3. What makes me more curious is her own choice… Why did Jennie make such a project? It doesn’t seem to be good for her at all

4. Thanks to this drama, I know what kind of person The Weeknd is, now I can’t listen to his songs

5. They went there and promoted together, but of course they had no choice but to be mentioned together. So she has to accept the criticism

6. I heard that the script was changed midway after everything was decided? So isn’t Jennie also a victim?

7. Ah, isn’t this ruining BLACKPINK’s reputation?ㅠㅠㅠ

8. I really don’t understand why she chose this drama

9. I don’t think Jennie’s career will be affected because of this

10. Jennie went to Cannes and promoted this drama so she has to take responsibility for what she did, it’s her own choice

11. In the first place, Jennie did it because she wanted to do it, but what kind of victim is she? She even went to Cannes

12. I think it would have been better if she hadn’t gone to Cannes

13. But Jennie, why did you film this drama?

14. This time it’s a supporting role, but who knows if it will be the female lead next time or not

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and the audicity the korean news making title and story on how like
Jennie showed her beginning (journey) as an acting-idol following Suzy, Yoona, Im Si-wan. D.O. (Doh Kyungsoo)”
she is not even par to all them. 


I can’t say much without watching it first, I’m curious what jennie role in that series

lili lovers

ig lily’s friend/sidekick
i’ve read she doesn’t have much screentime’

Jimin got yes jams

Victim?? She is a grown 30 year old woman. The script she got was after it was changed. Lily is only 22 and so I can understand if she was the victim. But jennie? No. She just wants to be a Hollywood celebrity, no matter what.


honestly people would let this slide and assumed jennie already signed the contract when the female director was in charged so she would be innocent but jennie’s the one who said in that elle interview that she is a fan of sam’s works and both of them talked about the possibility of her being in the show so that means jennie signed the contract and her participation got finalized after sam took over the show and that’s not really a good look


Jennieee really deserves to be called as seoul cycle and a sluttttt. I don’t understand why V choose this type of woman. A flirt and a certified slut🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Like Crazy

She’s dating GD not V stop believing in edits and cosplayers pictures

Jimin got yes jams

The dating is more likely a media play by hybe and yg. And even if they are dating do you think she’ll tell V all this? She looks like the type that would get angry at him for asking about it.


Sadly, after watching single inferno, i realized korean men really likes girl who sexy n cute which what jennie known for. He probably doesnt really know about her party life when he first dates her. But seriously, she has such wild party life. I am not sure she can be loyal when V enlisting for 18months. V deserve a bit conservative woman. V really careful in curating his social circle. He should be worry seeing jennie keep hanging out with those d-list influencers. She look desperate for western clout for being just having minor role in hollywood porn series.


I feel nauseous reading comments like yours who treat their oppar like innocent baby 🤣🤣🤣 “V probably doesnt really know about her party life….” whatttt????? Do u think your oppar is some nerd who don’t chat with others in the industry??? So fucking idiot fan a typical idiot fan indeed. When burning sun got exposed, people were surprise at the amount of celebs getting involve with many of then with pure image, just an example how LITTLE that WE know about the industry and how LARGE THE CIRCLE IF FRIENDS behind the scene. Idiots like you just live in your own fantasyyy at least jennie get to taste V’s dick in her, u should just get a life and stop being worry about your oppar, hes happy and it shows


why are you that angry defending that seoul cycle ? it’s not like you can get your dck inside her coochie to defend her that much. lol
Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean you gonna put whores tag on all of them. he is an idiot in choosing woman. that part is pretty much clear


There’s so many rumors, it’s obvious what those two were going to end up as. Whereas jennie has your fav’s cock shoved up on her, you will never get to touch his dick. Those two are made for eachother and though nini may party a lot, she will never cheat on him. She’s been with Kai and maybe others. Ask yourself did she ever cheat on them? No!


ding dong, you’re wrong, pretty sure seoul cycle cheated on gdragon with tae, that’s why his sister was so shady at the end. she just look at the type to be desperate for dick. really bad look on taehyung for choosing her, I guess he got her easily


Aint taennie shipper saying tae and jennie has been dating since 2020? So aint Jennie the one who cheated on taehyung with GD then lmao? Since she spotted on GD pension at 2021🤣🤣


she cheated on GD with V


V himself said he doesnt like work on something that tarnish his integrity. He also said BTS actually got offer to get easily climbing up but they turned down because they dont want to live in shady way. BTS as a whole tend to like to keep their social circle small. Even if V is friendly, his friends never really problematic. While jennie desperate so much to be in hollywood, she look cheap for doing that. Most of asian actors tend to audition for movie, series role. Idk whats exactly her goal to be in idol except just want to be hollywood. Just like her singing career, she doesnt really has passion about it. She just likes to be famous.

Hi, I'm Guest

Yk what makes me nauseous more? Soyeon’s voice & her cringe rap


They’ll break up when he’ll go to the military anyway, like most couples do. And it’s not like they’re getting married, they’re just dating… Taehyung is conservative and wants 3-5 kids. An active female idol won’t give him 3-5 kids.


She ain’t cute tho

dont mind

Have ever heard PR stunt? Def both company who is playing behind this whole dating scandal lol, but V seems suffer more negative damage from this instead giving him benefits because of Jennie’s image is more ‘wild’ girl that the opposite of his image on bts all this time, so fans having hard time accepting it, as for Jennie she always have dating rumor as media play every once a year so she already kind of used to it, but anyway gg idol barely suffer from dating scandal compared to male idol, since gg idol fans also consist a lot of female, they wouldnt mind their fav dating lol


For real its V affected the most. Jennie always have that image as party girl n new bf every year. So, this dating never gonna affecting her. Out of all bp member, army dislikes the most jennie because of her lazy scandal n party life n easy life. Its like opposite of BTS who always work hard. I dont think army annoyed that much if V dating rose, jisoo, or lisa. Alot of army just simply disappointed to see V dating a controversial woman.

dont mind

This rumor will not affecting his career as whole but he def loss big amount of supporter, evenmore its pity because this happend before his album is out. Idk why that company decide to sacrife him to do all of this, but he was never their fav member anyway and its always been like that. If in the future that company finally move their ass for him and finally out of blue giving their full support for him then you knew the reason because of what, lets just see…


why would the company do this? hybe stocks when down when pictures where out. Pretty sure they knew what they did when they hanged out in paris at 11pm where everyone could see them. Same their trip to jeju with open windows. they just wanna be out and proud

dont mind

Out and proud but never officially confimed it, and act like they never know each other even on sns like make it make sense. Its screams PR stunt lol you don’t know behind those company/agency, everything have their reason, Also SK ent industry always doing smthg like this. Maybe you won’t know about it know but someday you will


Her fans need to stop justifying her each and every action as something as she isn’t aware of or someone forced her to do it or she didn’t knew what to do.
She is not dvmb or naive or innocent as you people are projecting on her. She needs to be held accountable. She needs to be made aware of her status and how she should actually be on that position. She is in her mid 20s, she is not some minor idol or whatever. She knows to speak English well. There’s no way in hell she doesn’t know what she is doing or signing. She could have easily walked off that shit show. She isn’t even a main or prominent character, but she didn’t. There is no explanation of this. So stop speaking on behalf of her cause your explanation doesn’t actually make any sense. What she did is problematic as hell and she also needs to be held accountable for it.

Like Crazy

She finally wrote a song for the first time in her life for this show and god i understand why YG don’t let her write. “Choke me till i pass out” 🤮 She’s really obsessed with s*x


She seem desperate to be sexy icon. But i feel like YG or V asked her to turned down any sex n nude scenes for the sake of bp image. Seriously V, i still love you, but i am so disappointed out of all bp members, he chose jennie… She is most controversial member n i dont think she gonna be loyal for V when him enlisting for 18months.


Well then just let him be, she can be great eye opener to him and to learn lol, idk im not bts fans but from what im seeing on Seojin’s so far in my eyes V still kind of childish+naive(a bit dumb), with him dating girl like Jennie maybe he will learn to be more careful on choosing gf in the future lmao
Jennie’s is just too wild for a guy like him, prob she will dumped him when he enlisting and move to other top popular guy.

Last edited 4 months ago by maomao69

It is media play because V is way out of her league. Not only is he the top visual in kpop but also one of the most popular idol. Him dating her makes 0 sense when there’re many beautiful women in Korea way beautiful than her. And her personality is 0 too. Pd wants a collab of some sort with bts×bp so this could all be a stunt to stop the heavy fan rivalry.
Either that or V is really dumb and blind, cause I see 0 reason why he’d date her.


Jennie isn’t that type of person. Stop acting like she’ll take someone else’s cock while he’s away for a few months. Even if she hangs out with guys a lot, that doesn’t mean she can’t be loyal. Just look at her, she looks sweet and everything about her is sweet. You guys should be happy he’s dating her in fact.

On the ground~

First of all she shouldn’t have date that boy. He is cute but his fans are possessive psychos. I’d rather have her date some ugly guy than a cute guy with lot of crazy fans. And now this project. She’s bringing bad name and hate to pinks.


Dont worry, jennie gonna date another popular handsome guy. Probably actors or white singers next because only BTS match popularity level.


Nobody comes close to Tae’s beauty. Even the “next handsome popular guy”. If she looses him her lose. Millions of women would love to be with him. He could easily get a beautiful rich successful woman.

Teenaged puppy

Jennie can only date the top in Korea. Western celebrities aren’t gonna give her the time of day because… who?


Prob her next target either hollywood actor or other popular idol, hope she date cha eun woo next this will be very funny lmaoo


She can date some top celebs in Korea for a little while but I doubt she’ll easily find someone willing to marry her. She’s no wife material.

Teenaged puppy

Blinks are delusional. It’s pathetic really.

On the ground~

I saw so many tiktoks of that boys fans cutting and burning his merchandise and one girl was hitting his life-size cut out. That’s how crazy armys are. Especially when it comes to that boy, because he has lot of visual stans and shippers.


Agree sadly. She has such a wild life. Based on BTS contents, v does look like a jealous type so i am curious is he really dont mind to see that girl keep grinding other guys easily? And gave excuse that guy is gay so its fine for her to grinding with him. 18months is long for a relationship. Also i am worry for him to get bad treatment by military men because he dating jennie who very popular among korean men. This dating may gonna be true lesson for him. Pretty girl doesnt mean being a good wife material. If i am V sister, i would be worry for my bro dating a party girl like jennie despite how much popular of her.


Lets just see what happends, what im sure is jennie will not stop dating only with tae, she will move to other guy who can give her more clout, knowing how desperate her to play porn series for debut just get to holywood, she will do more than that in the future


not only gay men tho ?? she rubs her ass with dancers and random people, the last one was the weeknd, i’m actually afraid of V mental health, being with a girl like that must be so toxic


They’re just dating. He definitely wouldn’t marry a girl like that.


pretty sure she’s already cheating on him, on cannes after party she was rubbing her ass to the weeknd. she’s so shameless, it’s disgusting to see


Wtf would he learn from Jennie when she’s one of the dumbest airheads I’ve seen in the kpop indsutry lol


It’s so funny how desperately she’s trying to act like this sexy bad bitch cause it really clashes with what she looks like. She has the face of a child and a body of a prepubescent boy. Even the way she articulates herself doesn’t sound like she’s a mature, smart woman at all. She sounds like a dumb kid.

Like crazy outsold

One thing about jenfad fans & blonks is they really want her to be victims so bad lol, what kind of victim that keep promoting the show they feels burden to be part of and not to mention the song she do with the weekend is gross, she is pushing 30yo and very well know what she choice and doing, her fans should throwing that victimizer mentality when clearly she is not lol


They were trying to trend “jennie innocent” 💀


Jennie and your dad is both lesbian wbk

Teenaged puppy

Dragging Abel but finding any excuse they can to shield the whore. If a Twice girlie did it they’d be banishing her to North Korea. I guess when you build your career on being a slut expectations are of a slut


it’s crazy how clueless koreans are when it comes to mid pink. the media play rotted their brains

super sally

2 words: YG mediaplay




it’s crazy how clueless kore


Number 6 is the typical victim card blinks always use


Just imagine if a bts member acted in a rape enabling porn show like this… All hell will break lose on twitter with every fandom on their backs but since its the resident whore jennie every one is silent and victimising this dozen who said she likes Sam levinson’s work despite women being used as sex dolls in his shows.

The double standards are crazy for these girls and you have blinks victimising them on twitter screaming misogyny. It’s laughable. This girl needs to get as much lashing as others who are involved in this show is getting.

Seungri Oppa ❤️

If they choose Seungri, they don’t get this kind of criticism as he is god.


Do they not know that she joined on the original script, which was then scrapped and completely refilmed with the Euphoria creep? The original was 90% complete and entirely different. Jennie signed a contract and had to stay on. Like I don’t know if she liked the changes or not, but that wasn’t the original project she joined.

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