Jennie’s lines in ‘The Idol’

Jennie’s lines in ‘The Idol’

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1. [+189, -60] Anyway, this is a movie that is rated 19+ and only aired overseas. These lines also only appear in movies that are age-restricted, what’s wrong? Why do you guys keep bashing Jennie?ㅋㅋ

2. [+154, -43] They keep saying they don’t watch the movie, but they care about it more than the fans and even pay to watch itㄷㄷ It’s a paid movie, so you have to pay to watch it

3. [+143, -51] They keep saying they don’t watch the movie because it’s disgusting, but the purpose of the haters this time is not to boycott the movie but to boycott Jennie…^^

4. [+116, -39] What I hear every day from the Pann girls: They say they’re boycotting…

5. [+111, -39] Jennie only played a supporting role and only appeared for about 30 seconds, but she was bashed as if she was the main character ㅋㅋ

6. [+39, -13] Her face looks lifeless

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Even apart from her lacking acting skills, she looks too juvenile to pull off this sexy image. It’s a mystery to me how anyone could actually think she’s this bossy bad bitch. It reminds me of Song Joong Ki in Vincenzo. I didn’t want to watch the series just because he’s too baby-faced and I knew he wouldn’t be convincing in that role for me.


how can you compare song joongki to jennie? he’s mediocre but not a disaster like jenslut it’s an insult to him lol

Bring back discuss

Genuinely shocked how bad the acting is. Seriously.


Dozensoo has competition


I know MCU wont cast her simply due to her popularity. They have higher standard on POC actors which mean its need to be atleast established actors ala park seo jun to be recruited. Jennie dont have anything yet that can prove she is talented actress. She need to send audition tape first that i am pretty sure there are tons of korean actresses that way more good acting than her.


Hmm, so Jennie is a close friend of the Weeknd’s girlfriend and got the role in The Idol thanks to knowing him. She’s also the girlfriend of Park Seo Joon’s close friend and now is rumored to be starring in MCU… I see the pattern.


You think park seo jun can influence easily for MCU role lmao? Even his role kinda small based on trailer lol.


I don’t think he can get her a role (that’s also why I said rumored, I doubt it’s true), I just found it interesting. She’s also friends with Hoyeon and Hoyeon was in the Weeknd’s MV and now Jennie will have a song with him.


YG Entertainment denied the rumor, adding, “There has been no such [role] offer,


Thats only for the weeknd. Jennie seem like to befriends with people for fame n connections. I remember her random cameo with grime mv. Not sure grime still with elon musk or not. But it seem she did that because grime was elon musk gf.


She’s not even popular in the US to waste time recruiting her. She wouldn’t effect ticket sales


She’s popular enough and MCU movies aren’t just released in the US. They do better overseas than domestic market in terms of gross.


She’s not popular enough overseas either tf. Album sales and even her BP documentaries released to theaters made no noise like what’s not clicking. She’s pure media play


In what metric they do that great overseas and by overseas do you mean the West or SEA?


Park Seo Jun is whole mysoginistic and bigot actor. He have made several comments on how a woman should not gain weight and stay as younger as ever and also how they are made for the kitchens and house hold purposes and pleasing their men. I don’t like him a bit. I don’t know why Taehyung is even friends with someone like him in the first place.


Taehyung is a problematic and rude person himself. And if he could think he haven’t tried to jeopardize his groups image in first place. His fans are delusional to think this man isn’t dating Jennie. He is just a coward tbh who can’t even protect his girl from all slvt shaming comments from his own fandom. Men like him svcks. So him being friends with people like seo Joon is also not at all shocking. His fans often forget how V himself said that girls should not wear strapless clothes near other men during a fanmeeting. All men are shit especially these celebrity men. They all are at the end super problematic with a facade. You should’nt belive any of them. Because they all are hidden lion with a sheep mask in front.


Here this bitch go writing paragraphs about why Jennie isn’t a bad bitch after all. Your telling me that the slut shaming school bully cannot defend herself from her own twink fandom? This whore should be on her hands and knees begging Taehyung’s forgiveness for the shit storm she brought into his once peaceful life. Worry about slutnnie bullying her group mates and participating in soft porn for western clout because otherwise they’d pay her no attention. Keep whining about Taehyung meanwhile he’s the only relevant and mentally sound person between the two.

Last edited 5 months ago by Tmi

Oh…then why is he surrounding himself with such a problematic crowd in first place. If the pond fishes are dirty it means every other fish in that pond is dirty. He knows what he is doing. And he is a coward who can’t stand up against his own fandom who are regularly slvt shaming the woman he is dating. Such a shame if a man who can’t even raise a voice for his partner. And you are telling Jennie to bow to him. For what exactly? His cowardly acts or the fact that he is always acting like a fvcking child. He should be thankful to Jennie that she is still dating him despite of him being such a shitty bf to her. If there was any other girl apart from Jennie they would have left his ass long ago. Well obviously I am not counting you armchairs in that list. Looking at how you defend their problematic acts it’s no surprise you would be with him even if he treats you like a floor mat. Just look at you people fvcking pathetic. Slvt shaming a woman. Can’t form a constructive criticism I suppose. Lacks some brains I see it. Grow up thats only what I am gonna say. And learn to distinguish between right and wrong. Plus Taehyung is fvcking cringy I must add.


I ain’t read that. Jennie the slut can defend herself instead of hanging out with nazi sympathizers and pedos but here we are.

Wanting Taehyung to defend this bitch when she’s the reason she gets dragged in the first place. If she wasn’t such a clout hungry whore we wouldn’t be having this discussion.


Maybe you should have read it first before answering to me. Just saying. Because what I am saying and what you are replying are totally different.


If anything, jennie should be grateful that V is dating her. That guy can easily get better, much less whore girl than her. He probably got deceived by her fake aegyo in korea. This dating probably gonna be just a lesson for him to not easily deceived by woman outer appearance. I dont trust her can be loyal when V enlisting. Also yes, ever since him dating her, his peaceful life have being interrupted. He should have pick unproblematic woman to date but well love is blind. Anyway, i dont think their love gonna last long. Jennie seem the type cant bear being single mean she cant be loyal when V enlisting. Bet you all she aiming korean actor next or white singers.


Y’all are so stupid. You really think other k-pop idols aren’t doing the same thing like Jennie? They are also dating many people and your “baby” taehyung must have also dates many people before dating her. Hell knowing how male idols behave. He must have gone through Salon rooms too. But Jennie was the one who got caught many times so y’all pinned her as some cycle and wh9re. Such a disgusting mindset. This is why we say women will recieve hate even if she does wrong or she does right. Take another instance of twice Chaeyoung. Yes she wore n@zi symbol. Yes hate and criticism against her was justified. She received all those without one single complain. But you know who else have been disrespectful against holocaust thing. Your precious BTS boys who else. Y’all are currently working overtime just to refute those when it’s in the fvcking picture book their company released. Official ones. And that shoot in the holocaust memorial. But did they receive even a quarter of hate that twice member recieved? No they didn’t. They can write most mysoginistic lyrics any get away with it. Just because your kind thinks they genuinely loves y’all. I mean you are that stupid to believe that in first place. Don’t make me laugh. I am not gonna comment no more on this. I hate every other male idol in this industry cause at the end of the day there are many things you don’t know about them. And if it ever goes out in public you will fvcking cry and will never want to believe what they really do. You think they are innocent. Oh how wrong you can really be about them…


honestly the rumor came out very weird tbh, I wonder if it’s the old yg’s tactic of gassing up their artists, they did the same thing with bigbang and 2ne1 too saying they were going to collab with big American singers which as you can see for now, nothing comes out of it.

Plus I’m a fan of MCU movies/shows too but that show that Jennie was rumored to be in has never been discussed before like usually MCU fans will be speculating what movies/shows next in this Phase and that Phase but never heard of rumors that Marvel going to make a show of Agent of Atlas, I don’t think MCU even ready to touch up on the series for now lol so it’s quite weird that the rumor comes out rn lol


The rumor came out because of some delulu Blinks, then there is this MCU FAN ACCOUNT on Twitter who went with the flow and tweeted about Jennie getting offered a role in a MCU film since 2021 but then YG release a statement denying the rumors saying there was never an offer to begin with. So, I don’t get what do you mean by “yg’s old tactics” when they are not the ones who started the rumors and even denied it.


With YG also the one that stated that they not involve in jennie decision to be in idol, i feel like YG have some sort of beef with jennie nowadays. Maybe because she not gonna renew contract.

Ladyboy Lisa

Just normal conversation in her life 🤣


It’s worse than what Cha Eunwoo puts in a drama. Let’s just summarise it with this. Once again DO NOT WATCH THIS DRAMA. don’t talk about it don’t hate watch it don’t don’t do nothing with this. This is fvcking problematic drama and should not even be able to pull 10 views. So please if you want a little good to happen to society for once. Boycott this ruddy drama for good. Don’t give Sam Levinson another satisfaction of something like this. Euphoria was also bad and this is just worse.


that bra cup looks empty


The most clout chasing, try hard idol out there and that’s saying a lot because jay park exists


I think its gonna be alot worst once YG debut baemon. Jennie strikes as someone that love to be center of attention. She seem gonna behave more like influencer once bp getting less active n when YG start transferring brand deals to baemon. That time people gonna realize YG mediaplayed hard her n built luxurious image of her before.


Generally, after the renewal groups start doing less group activities and focus more on solo activities. And Blackpink already have been doing mostly solo activities so even if they all renew, I wouldn’t expect any new group music from Blackpink this year or even the next year.

But maybe Jennie will be even happier that way, she can focus just on herself rather than the group.


Seeing how things are they will debut with 10 luxury brands under their belt before they even release their debut song. And YG will soon start writing whole media play articles about how they are ruling the fashion markets since gracing their foot with their debut. YG is a worst company and almost all their idols are problematic af.


if there is any brand left for them, apparently most 4th gen group and members are already Brand Ambassadors. Anyways, I know you hate BP so much and you are a company stan but do not act like your idols are not problematic. KPOP in general is problematic.


You underestimate YG connections with fashion world. They already have strong connection with chanel n adidas already based on how gd, jennie for chanel n their groups doing adidas cf. They also gonna use their already have connection of dior, ysl, celine, CK for their idols as well. Its what hybe doing too for their 4th gen idols nowadays.


And what if I do. I hate every other company that’s out there not just one. YG is not special. Plus I am speaking with perspective from a general pov. It’s what YG really does.


Such an interesting insight.

BP fans will get karmaed once Baemon debuts, just like how BJs got karmaed after they kept bashing GGs and BP.

I knew that Jennie is an industry plant since predebut. She got on top thanks to her connections + YG’s massive mediaplay + her stylist team, even still, I was surprised that she looks average with casual styling and minimal makeup on IDOL.

The thing is there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just Blinks act like Jennie is serving her looks on her own, while in reality it is the illusion created by her stylists + mediaplay.

Teenaged puppy


Dot com

You know what’s funny? On the 2 top post about Jennie on Pannate you’ll see the exact same comments, it’s obvious it’s PR to clear her image because the rest of the comments are filled with negative comments regarding her acting lol


Exact same comments like those pann bitches slutshaming Jennie and bashing her??


Nah they are spitting facts, she would sell her soul for clout, she doesn’t need money so there is no excuse for her participating in this misogynistic show, she was also cast after the show runners changed and expressed her love for sam, actually if this was anyone else they would be dragged to hell, but people are actually defending her, her fans love to victimize her though,


the bra cup tho!

Facts only

she’s bad at acting


Taehyung fuck her


look how antis are still seething in the comments? 💀 Jennie you will always be famous. You will never be irrelevant i’m afraid. There is always some antis barking in any Jennie related posts.🤭


Can pannkpop stop posting this ugly ass blowfish looking girl everywhere. She is a resident slut and whore, we get it. Can we stop seeing news about this dozen and everything disgusting related to her.


slutnie should stick to modelling cuz wtf is that


the lines aside, what’s with his posture when she speaks those lines??? she looks like she about to ask for some cracks



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