Jennie’s new campaign for Calvin is freaking hot

The darker her eye makeup, the prettier her face looks

Jennie did 4 Calvin global campaigns this year alone

[+146, -169]

1. [+107, -35] Looking at Jennie, I wonder how someone can be this cool

2. [+106, -27] The star quality is really amazing

3. [+105, -18] Jennie suits Calvin so well. The brand chose the model so well

4. [+98, -10] Jennie’s posts are always terrorized with so many votedowns

5. [+90, -11] I’m so jealous of her body~ I want to be slim

6. [+57, -36] Honestly, there’s no one here who thinks it’s pretty other than BLACKPINK fans

7. [+23, -28] V should pay more taxes ㅜㅜ

8. [+18, -2] If you go out, there are a lot of girls with this body these days, stop doing business

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