Jeon Somi’s side admitted to the plagiarism controversy and deleted the controversial scene in the MV

Jeon Somi side admits to ‘plagiarism controversy’, “Deleting the controversial scene in the MV”

On the 9th, an official from The Black Label agency told Xports News, “The company also realized that the character in the music video for Jeon Somi’s new song ‘Fast Forward’ resembles the character from the Japanese manga. We’ve decided to delete it.”

He added: “We should have checked it, but we apologize for not checking it.”

1. They just deleted it and then did nothing?

2. It would have been better without this controversy, but the company did well

3. They admitted and deleted it, so I think they did well

4. Somi did nothing wrong

5. It’s normal, they should be more careful in the future

6. They did so well, it’s good to see them admitting and correcting their mistakes

7. But it’s only 1-2 seconds and it has nothing to do with the content of the MV so I wonder why they put it in the MV

8. They admitted and apologized. Be more careful in the future

9. Jeon Somi, please come back more often… This song is so good

10. They apologized and deleted it. I think they handled it well

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