jikook shippers and jimin fans edited a video that armys were chanting jimin’s name

jikook shippers edited a video from ytc cinema when fans were chanting members name and muted the voice when they chanted jimin’s name to bring hates to other members

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Okay all shippers are insane and there’s no “but x is worse than y” when they are clearly all Very Deranged. This video and the discourse around it showed that not only do many armys lack critical thinking, shippers have reached a new level of crazy. ALL of y’all.

And that weverse post ….. what real ship in the group? How does anyone in the year of our lord 2023 still think any of the members are dating. I can’t believe I’m stuck with these psychos. My only comfort is that if Tae saw it he’d get a good laugh at least .


What a waste of time. Jikookers and taekookers are both the same. Trending “we love you xxx” lol how stupid can you be?


streisand effect, just drew more attention to the troll op


Army are the most mentally unhealthy fandom. They are very sad people.

They are drawn to BTS because BTS has so many songs about acceptance and loving yourself, which is what these mentally ill fans struggle with. BTS is like therapy for them.

Plus, it is well known that mentally ill girls are drawn to homosexuality – both by acting bi/lesbian themselves, or by befriending gay men. Thus, Army are drawn these feminine BTS boys and why gay shipping is so popular among Army.

No other fandom is as unhealthy as Army.


Jajsjsjajsjsjs eso de los shipps son de añales y eso del fanservice y bromance empezo desde hace mucho que existiera bts, en el kpop el 80% tienen shipps, y en él kpop de la 2da gen. muchos explotaron él fanservice incluyendolos en sus programas, y fuera del kpop igual hay un fandom que arruino la amistad por shippear, así que hay peores


Larry? You sound more mental than any of us. Are you okay, this shippers are not army, they derange ppl like you. They should die together with you. Yall waste of earth oxygen. Read what you said again, you will know who the mentally ill one. Its YOU.

Shippers can die. They the worst ppl ever. How unlove can yall be to ship and making fanfiction of real human?? Like ????


saying this while larry shippers still exists, even sehun and luhan pairing , hunhan, still get hardcore shippers up until now and luhan left exo in 2014 😭 don’t talk about unhealthg


from I see you are describing yourself

WhatsThe Point

That person purposely editing out jimin’s name and then only chanting jikook’s name is so … Only proof that solo stans will try and twist to prove thier bias is hated or mistreated and shippers need to go extinct.

Also this fandom needs to get real abt hate tae recieves on the daily, it’s getting out of hand now

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Both sides are as deranged as the others but it’s funny how everyone is quiet when minor things happen (hate hashtags trending, ‘unintentionally’ leaving out certain members) just to act surprised when things like these do happen in real life — even if these specific videos are edited, these are the same bunch of people who were literally booing when jimin was on screen and getting quiet when other members appeared on screen during the PTD on Stage: Live Viewing last year

I’m afraid that unless armys learn how to properly address these matters and call these people out things like these will (unfortunately) keep happening and the members will continue being attacked every single time their solo stans get into their dick measuring contests 🙄

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Pjms/jikookers in particular have been a menace lately and no one blinks an eye. The hate Tae gets every day is never addressed because it is deemed a solo issue but when these things blow up army is shit faced.

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It’s bc of Jimin solo stans. Solo stans are all bad, no exceptions, but if you go on Pann and other K-forums, you will notice how knetz point out how toxic Jimin solo stans are. Jungkook and Taehyung’s solo stans are loud and annoying as hell, but damn, idk if it’s insecurity or what but PJMs are so bad. There are posts here and in Pannchoa pointing out this same thing.


Pjms have a lot of ahjummas. These old women are crazy lemme tell you. They are mostly housewives so they spend their time streaming, voting and make hate blog posts for other BTS members esp V and JK. They project their insecurities onto their precious Mimi and use their hatred on other members/idols that they see as threats. Pretty pathetic. I bet they are also the one behind Jimin anti blogs just to victimize their fave so they can act as if other solos were the one doing the blogs.


I’ve been in this fandom for far too long to get used to the akgaes’ behaviour. All of them are bad but pjms take the cake for the worst, definitely bottom of the barrel.


How are you talking when ya’ll are solo stans yourselves. Make no mistake, you are all a f*cking menace.
All solo stans of every BTS member are insecure and jobless losers because you would not be doing all this stupid stuff if you were as confident as you say you are.


Exhibit A. Jopper is one of those ahjummas.


Armys keep giving them free pass that’s why pjms and jikookers are getting crazier each second. They can k word someone and armys won’t blink an eye


even my friend who is new to the fandom can feel how hostile the fandom is when it comes to taehyung



Another Guest

Delusional shippers are so damn weird. Like, no your ship is not real. Gtfo of your house and touch grass please.


Shippers and solo stan are disgusting.


The last time I checked it was one delulu who posted that sh*t. Not a bunch of people like this post is making it look like. This is exactly why shipping in general is a bad thing. Ya’ll shippers need help.Also, not at some of the solo stans in the comments thinking of this as some sort of “gotcha” moment. You people are all the same jobless losers doing the same stuff. If you do not support all the BTS members then you are not welcome in our Army space.


these shipper needs help coz that bitch was clearly an ot2 and manipulated with the whole thing but can we also talk about how you are allowing idiotic fanswar post


pajamas and jikookers forever miserable until their deaths

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