Jinni mentioned leaving NMIXX at her showcase

‘Comeback’ Jinni “Leaving NMIXX? Personal reasons… It’s hard to say”

Jinni, “Regarding this, it is hard for me to tell you as it is for personal reasons, but I am ready to promote diligently during my solo debut.”

1. Maybe it’s because the group’s music color is different from hers!

2. I guess she wants to go solo because she’s not suitable for group activities, please let her do what she wants

3. I really like Jinni, fighting

4. I’m most curious about whether she will appear on Music Core or not

5. Aren’t group activities not suitable for her personality? I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault

6. But do we really need to know why?

7. I’m curious, but there must be some reason she can’t tell us

8. I think JYP will let you leave if you want to leave. I hope that she will do well as a solo artist

9. Honestly, I’m curious

10. I really wonder why she left, she was a prominent member in NMIXX

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