Jisoo’s older sister took pictures with the BLACKPINK members

Jisoo’s older sister and BLACKPINK members

She’s so pretty…. I’m uploading her pictures because she’s an influencer model!!

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Jisoo’s older sister is so cute and pretty.. Rosé’s sister too…

Jennie wasn’t able to take pictures because she wasn’t there

For real, their genes are amazing

Jisoo’s unnie, she’s even the mother of a baby

Jisoo and Rosé seem to have inherited pretty genes, Jisoo’s older sister is a flight attendant, I saw her on Instagram a while ago and she looks like an actress, but she’s pretty than actresses. Her aura is really elegant. Anyway, both of them are so pretty, I remember seeing a lot of pictures of Rosé and Jisoo’s sisters on Instagram

What is her Instagram ID?

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