Johnny’s male idols started imitating the ‘Relay Dance’ of K-Pop idols

Now, like K-Pop idols, Johnny’s male idols even upload ‘Relay Dance’

Travis Japan

They also started to imitate the ‘Relay Dance’ of K-Pop idols

1. I think I’ve seen a lot of Johnny’s faces before, but they really look worse than the Japanese Youtuber. Aren’t there one or two handsome guys in the group?

2. The two people in the front look like elementary school students, and the people in the back look like people in their 30s

3. Their body proportions are so bad, how did they debut…? In Japan, commoners are actually debuting…

4. They look like they’re working hard like they’re K-pop idols, but it’s weird

5. I’m curious about the foreign fans’ reactions

6. They’re copying everything ㅋㅋ Where’s their pride…?

7. They’re not comedians, they’re idols, seriously…?

8. They look like kids playing TikTok during their high school lunch break

9. They look like comedians pretending to be singers

10. How the hell did they become celebrities?

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