Jungkook also has an e-cigarette

It’s a Vape

1. He has an e-cigarette, so what?

2. What is it? I also need to buy an e-cigarette

3. He’s an adult, so it’s normalㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. I’m curious about the taste

5. I wonder what strawberry lemonade tastes like

6. He’s an adult, so it doesn’t matter

7. He might smoke an e-cigarette, but I’m always curious… Wouldn’t it smell if you smoked in the room?

8. Does it come with menthol?

9. He’s 27 years old, it doesn’t matterㅋㅋㅋ

10. So what?

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dot com bubble

He’s a grownass 27 years old ffs 😭


He’s 25 but you’re right


Imagine if bp were caught smoking y’all would be dragging them through hell lucky he and toto have pps and armies are dik obsessed

be real.

it’s insane how v’s stans were the 1st people dragging jungkook for this like from all the solo stans & akgaes each bts member has, v fanbase is the one starting problems but then acts shocked when it’s returned. it’s sad how his fans lived through him. anyway, I hope jungkook is okay but let him be.


Maknae line solos give me constant headaches


true tbh and then they blame ot7 armys for the beefs they started among themselves like why us getting dragged into it 😭


You can’t be serious, Jk akgaes would constantly drag tae for it.

be real.

fine but y’all v stans got tae drag last week because of his bestie hanging out with jennie like why can’t y’all leave her alone because armys were the ones defending him while y’all v solo stans weren’t putting an effort to defend him


Stfu. Tae solos were the ones defending him the most. You so called “ot7” only start defending him when it’s against blinks. If anything most hate tae gets is from within the fandom


Most “amys” just hate V atp. Always blind eye to the hate he gets from the fandom. But when it’s the other members they’ll jump on “v stans”


Acting like Jk stans don’t bring tae smikoing incident EVERYDAY?
The way you guys still try to blame V and drag him into this is ridiculous. Ot7 my foot. You guys openly hate him. Very very few ot7s actually stand up for tae


They didn’t drag him. It was the other way around. Jjks has been dragging V since Grammy’s and wished de@th upon him, called his lungs black and threw other vile words. Now V stans asked them: what about this now? How are you dragging someone for something when your fave has been doing it? Suddenly he’s an adult who can do whatever he wants but when it was V you hated in him?


Taehyung stans are always the villains in armys’ story smh


Armys don’t see the hate V gets but blame v stans when they clap back. We’ll never drag a person for doing the same thing our fave does. It was jjks who said he’ll meet his grandmother now after his pics at the grammys were leaked


That’s because they used to drag V. They only get what they gave, really. Akgaes will continue to do this and when it’s their turn to get dragged, they will play victim. Honestly it is so tiring to see.


Look at ur username and think again of what you wrote here.


because armys act like v committed a crime when he had vape but they don’t do the same to jk


just wtf are you even saying


Delusional. Jk stans have been dragging Tae for years about smoking and now that their fave does it they wanna suddenly act like they never had a problem. Playing victim as usual


who gives af? 🤷


strawberry lemonade sounds like a good flavor though gonna have to try it out


Thought it was watermelon ice?


idk comment 5 said strawberry lemonade although watermelon ice sounds pretty good too


It was so dark I don’t know how they managed to guess lol


didn’t even notice the vape tbh until I went to Tiktok and everyone there pointed it out .


Me too




is you


Still cannot beat Taehyung smoking cigg 🤤


It’s hilarious how people are still trying to drag tae into this. He lives in your head rent free atp. I genuinely hope he leaves the band. Nothing against the members but most armys are ew.


I think jungc0cks sugar mommi yoobi left him that’s why he drinkin smokin and cryin like the uglee looser he is 🤣
Amii need to worry about this man instead of trying to stalk jisoo because their faads are tanking and not entering charts 🤣


get a job…


stalk who? 😂 even blinks dgaf about jisoo why would army care about her lmaoooo & you can’t be serious talking about tanking when blackpink flopped infront on rookie newjeans & were begging people to buy their 4$ album lmaooooo 😂😂😂😂


Ur oppa are gonna get cancer


what charts ? jhope & jk are charting higher than bp on melon now 😂😂😂


Its not even charting on melon, the audacity 🤣🤣


loser?😭 don’t talk about yourself like this

Vape is good for health for oppa

Good for him. It give great health boost, heard that scientifically only good looking people has their life extended by 50-years, immune to all illness and most importantly, made oppa phallus bigger, longer and stronger than your average male.

Last edited 6 months ago by Vape is good for health for oppa
Saint Seungri



Smoking is very common like who cares?


reminds me of when some people wanted to drag V for smoking, but instead the knetz were mad because why did he smoke in that purple suit, would be cool if he wore black instead! lol. and now they are more interest to the taste of JK’s strawberry lemonade 😂

Last edited 6 months ago by Whatever

Cancer spreader, poor olivia

Jannatul mawa

I still remember how tae getting drag for this by kpopies/kntzens with so many upvotes and likes some western also drag him and then bts lose grammy that day was so traumatised for me😭😭😭😭😭 but good to see kntzens change now🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Jannatul mawa

Sorry kntzens didn’t drag him but the jobless kpopies😬😬😬😬😬


let them be smh. at the same live he also said he’s an adult because fans told him to stop drinking


I’m jungkook fans but I don’t care about this , I want album &MV & collab with Justin 😔😔😔


Ugly guy


Jk solos losing it after all the shit they gave Tae over the years


Ikr, they were even rt-ing blink tweets dragging Taehyung through the mud and now suddenly they’re very accepting of smoking 😆


Welp at least the cancer jokes can’t be done without dragging their own face. Karma always doing her job


JK solos were camping on blink tweets before dragging TH and now look how the tables have turned lmao


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Last edited 6 months ago by ramef33456

JK is a grown man and doesn’t need kpoppies to make a fuss abt everything he does, esp when they don’t actually care.

Rather than get on Jungkook’s, or any members’ case, on what they do in their private lives, ppl should focus on normalizing leaving idols alone during their off time, esp when what they do shouldn’t be any stranger’s business.

It's whatever

Veggars being on jks business 24/7 and they call us pressed 🥱 at least we don’t create multiple accounts to give likes on comments.
Y’all so pathetic commenting under jk article. Get a life

Saint Seungri

btass fandom full of minor silly girls, then they will look at how jk & v smoke and go to work as prostitutes for drugs 🙂


Remember when people throw shits at onew for vaping and exo member for smoking? The double standard or maybe their foolish fans burying the actual reactions.

Btw ecig and smoking are no different. They carry the same weight in health burden. Vapers or smokers are just like alcoholics.


And the jk akgaes found in a ditch


it’s disappointing honestly because vaping has negative effects on health but hes a grown adult so he obviously knows this an can do whatever he wants with his life

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