Jungkook broke the male idol record this year by ranking 2nd on Melon daily chart

The previous record was 3rd place held by ‘Seven’ itself

The male idol songs in the Top 5 on Melon daily chart this year are:

4th place is Seventeen BooSeokSoon ‘Fighting’
5th place is Seventeen ‘Super’

1. I like this song~ I like the choreography too. I keep watching choreography video these daysㅋㅋ

2. Jungkook, congratulations

3. It’s also a big hit in Korea

4. The song is crazy, I love it so much

5. I listen to it many times a day and I really like the song

6. The song is really good, I’ve been listening to it all day

7. I’m glad Jungkook is doing well in Korea

8. The song is so good, I still listen to it

9. Our Jungkook is amazing!!!

10. Wow, the previous record was also Jungkook’s, daebak

11. These days, I only listen to Jungkook and NewJeans’ music

12. Wow, it’s a big hit both domestically and internationally

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