Jungkook criticized by locals for his voice

Jungkook has been getting criticized by locals for his “bland” vocals.   Army and especially his out of touch fanbase called jjks ( spearheaded by Murilo aka pigrilo or porkmuri) keep attaching and inserting  his name to the list of the world most revered and legendary singers. Delusional is truly understatement. 

The concept of a “good vocalist” is fundamentally subjective, heavily influenced by personal preference. Elevating him to the status of a legend, however, stretches credibility.

He has been positioned as a transformative figure in K-pop and BTS, despite not lacking vocal talent like his bandmates. The crux of the matter, often overlooked by his most fervent but critical fans, is the subjective nature of musical excellence. What defines a remarkable singing voice or musician varies from person to person.

This is what his intellectually challenged fans do not seem to grasp.  What is a great singing voice to you?  And what is a great musician to you? 

My take as a long time army:
Jungkook’s voice is very one dimensional, bland and colorless. It doesn’t evoke any emotion whatsoever.  It doesn’t have a wow factor when you listen to his songs. Very vanilla. Very grey in a world full of color. Often monotonous and nasal sounding. He sounds the same in every song. His songs are so boring.  He sounds like a few other K-pop artists on the scene rn. Some couldn’t even distinguish him from some other kpop idols. Again he doesn’t have a bad voice. It just doesn’t speak to me and many like me. And a lot of people prefer other types of voices. Musicians who put their entire being into their work. Singer/songwriters with one of a kind unique voices. Voices where you can hear the joy, fear, despair and passion.

Jungkook vocal skills haven’t been the same for my liking. The days of Still With You are long gone. As an army I was very dissapointed in his album. Especially in the making of it.  He had zero connection to his work. Shawn Mendes song sounded like a cheap copy of Shawn Mendes. The Ed Sheeran one sounded like a cheap version of Ed Sheeran. Speaking of Ed.. Ed Sheeran and Taylor swift are one of those singer songwriters that have a very emotion evoking voice. They are not a songbirds like Mariah or Stevie Wonder but they have their own warmth and color. Their own style.  This is what sets them apart. This is why people are so drawn to them.  So many talented musicians/ singer songwriters/ and indie bands would be labeled bad singers or vocalists by the likes of Jungkook solo fans.  

They say BTS is nothing without Jungkook. I think BTS would have been a nugu kpop group and a DISASTER without Jimin, or Jin or Taehyung. Their voices add something that Jungkook doesn’t have. Their own unique style, color, warmth and vibrance.

Especially Jimin and Taehyung. RM and Suga have said time and time again their voices are needed to bring songs alive. Jungkook solo fans really need a reality check. You can praise Jungkook vocals if that is the type of singing you like. Doesn’t mean he is the best. He is just the best to YOU.  But not to me and others like me. Some of us like originality, uniqueness, passion, edge, own style etc.  And that is ok. It’s ok to prefer Jungkook’s voice. Your opinion is  VALID. But don’t put him next to legends when he clearly isn’t. 

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