Jungkook fans were found to fake group chat hating on their own idol to make Jimin fans look bad

It is not unknown that Jungkook fans are always hateful towards Jimin. Previously they with another fandom trended a derogatory hate hashtag on Jimin’s birthday to ruin his birthday.

Now this year a group chat was exposed by a Jungkook report account, that report account is  actually a known Jimin anti and a Taekook shipper. So later it was found that group chat was fake and the accounts they mentioned their is not the same account they are blaming which has been iactivated months and their dn is different and rest two accounts are trolls made on October.

Jungkook fans were previously found to hate on their own fav to put blame on others, so the situation is same this time. Also most Jungkook fans are Taekook shipper who hate Jimin thinking Jimin ruins their ship.

It’s concerning how far they are going to hate on Jimin. We hope Big Hit take proper action to save their artist.

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