Jungkook fans were found to fake group chat hating on their own idol to make Jimin fans look bad

It is not unknown that Jungkook fans are always hateful towards Jimin. Previously they with another fandom trended a derogatory hate hashtag on Jimin’s birthday to ruin his birthday.

Now this year a group chat was exposed by a Jungkook report account, that report account is  actually a known Jimin anti and a Taekook shipper. So later it was found that group chat was fake and the accounts they mentioned their is not the same account they are blaming which has been iactivated months and their dn is different and rest two accounts are trolls made on October.

Jungkook fans were previously found to hate on their own fav to put blame on others, so the situation is same this time. Also most Jungkook fans are Taekook shipper who hate Jimin thinking Jimin ruins their ship.

It’s concerning how far they are going to hate on Jimin. We hope Big Hit take proper action to save their artist.

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hate akgae

or more like jimin’s akgae got caught and shamelessly trying to make a cover by saying all these bs 🥱


It’s literally proven that it was u jungkook stans who faked the whole group chat. Hope all these reflect on jk the way u all r desperately trying to harm jm. Jungkook deserves better fan seriously


Ur u/name is such an irony bcs u urself is an akgae. What a joke


Get a life omg


Jungkook stans are the most jobless disgusting breed, how can they hate and preten to plan scandal for their own fav just to hate on others.Pathetic losers


bp akgaes and bts akgaes using this site like twitter threads , GO DISCUSS IT ON YOUR TWITTER 😭


FR… other groups also have akgaes, but do they go this far by posting an article here 💀

for real

but why is the admin condoning this behavior on this site like idgi is the admin a stan twitter too why must they turned this site into a shithole now 💀


Blinks need to leave bts alone we all know this site is filled with their solo fanwars that solo stan other bts members now stop involving bts into… fre@ks…

Last edited 7 months ago by Ist

Why on Earth would Hybe take “proper action” over two losers s**t-talking to each other. Grow up. You’re not that important.


Akgaes n shippers always be the toxic one 🤦‍♀️


That’s cool and all but you put wrong tag though, it’s clearly not a “knetizen” 😂


Akgaes, shippers and blinks pls leave bts alone. I really wonder how can you live with this obsession?? Don’t you ever get tired of those shitty toguhts? 🤡


This whole anyone can post thing is absolutely terrible lmfao. I feel like I’m on ARMY Amino.
Edit: I imagine it’s a lot for Admins to keep up but I’d very much rather have slow updates of worthwhile stuff than having to scroll past a bunch of mess.

Last edited 7 months ago by kay

Jk, Jimin and V are cuddling right now and y’all are wasting your energy hating on them. Will it kill y’all to get along? Those boys love and adore each other, why do y’all hate them so much? Do you realise how ridiculous it is when you hate on Jimin/Jk/V, then wake up the next morning to see V saying he loves Jimin the most, or see Jimin pampering V and Jk. Please stop all of this, it won’t end well for any of you vile akgaes.


So true.


The admin of this site is equally vile for allowing this platform to be co-opted by akgaes who just want to hate on every member. Last week it was BP, now it’s ML. JK, Jimin and V don’t deserve fans who hate on either of them!


Let’s be honest here. This website is getting worse since anyone can post anything here. It has become a playground for akgaes to get back at each other. I suggest that admin, if you are still around, start taking an initiative here before this website will be too far gone for you to save.


idc lol?! what is the admin of this website doing to allow anyone post this kinda of shit here? even akgaes now have voice here lmfaoo and thats why this one is by far the worst out of every translation sites


Put this mess on the side. One thing is true that taekookers are diseases. They hate on anyone that they think “try to be the wrecker, the third wheel that comes between those two “, creating disgusting fantasy about two grow up that they label as gay (while their s3xual-identity are unknown to the public).


Sorry but jimin akgaes do create hate gcs so even if it’s faked by jk akgaes it means nothing to me. Both are awful and it’s dumb that this site is allowing anyone to create post like allkpop


Akgaes extinction when?


Ik its kinda impossible but both sides need to stop. The hates really are disgusting when both members are close with eo.

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