Jungkook is the fastest K-Pop soloist to reach 1 billion streams in Spotify history

Jungkook’s account on Spotify has surpassed 1 billion streams with only 3 songs

-Stay Alive
-Left & Right

(all 3 songs came out last year)

#1. NewJeans – 219 days
#2. Jungkook – 409 days
#3. Lisa – 411 days
#4. ENHYPEN – 571 days
#5. TWICE – 579 days

1. As expected, Jungkook is the man of the record

2. I’m looking forward to Jungkook’s solo album who I trust and listen to

3. I want to listen to his solo album soon

4. HYBE, what are you doing? Seriously, please let Jungkook make his solo debut soon. He will sweep the whole world

5. I became a fan after listening to ‘Dreamers’. I will definitely listen to his album when it comes out

6. I’m looking forward to his solo album

7. Jungkook, congratulations

8. He hasn’t even released his solo album yet γ… γ… γ…  ​​I’m really looking forward to it in the future

9. As expected, BTS Jungkook is the best

10. Jungkook is so cool

11. 1 billion streams with three songs. Congratulations

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It’s him that has to work hard and make an album, hybe isn’t stopping him. He’s just used to somebody spoon feeding him. No wonder he hardly has credits


shut the fuck up


Look at that. What a surprise for you 🀑


Is it enough??


You have to work your whole life to live, but Jungkook can live a luxurious life with his credits.


looking back on jk’s live this morning, I think he’s working back on his album, get a feeling we might get another collab song from him too tbh next month or the next two months but yeah he’s definitely working 100% on his album rn so let’s just be patient and wait for him !


RM also hinting about jungkook album as he asked jk to hurry up releasing solo album. Just like CK, i think jungkook solo album news gonna drop out of nowhere.


Right.. I think Namjoon might be involved with Jungkook’s album or Jungkook probably asked him for advices or help with lyrics or something


I think so. Also very active weverse these days. Continuous lives and then Calvin Klein global ambassador. When will he release his album? I’m curious 😍

It's whatever

I think a collab or a single will come faster than his album even if he’s currently working on it.
There has been lots of rumors about a new song, maybe for may


Out of every BTS members, Jungkook probably the one who got his works leaked the most or rumors about his future works floating around, it’s so crazy 😭 I know everyone is waiting for him since he’s very private but damn 😭


jungkook has already been working on his debut album again like last month. apparently, yoongi is next in April but idk, I think he would release in may & tae around july-august. in the fall is about jungkook. rm is already working on his 2nd album but I don’t think he would release it till he comebacks to the military, at most I think he would release a single like jhope.


I think it’s good for them to stay off social media and they all quietly focused on their solos. I’m very curious about the solos of the rest of the members. I hope we can get good results like Jimin’s πŸ’œ

It's whatever

I don’t think JK’s album will come this fast, maybe by the end of the year. What seems possible is a new song by may, whether a collab or OST

For April/May suga album is coming for sure


He’s seriously really popular. His Calvin Klein video got 1.5 likes . I was like damn


These photos were published before the official photos arrived. The interaction he gets despite this is amazing πŸ”₯


Eww uncle jungpoop jumpscare


K-pop fandoms bullying BTS on social media and BTS bullying their favs on the charts, shit is wild lol


Before Jungkook, after Jimin… All of them breaking recordsπŸ‘‘

It's whatever

Just 3 songs, no debut, I’m speechless by Jungkook power


He could’ve done it much faster with an album, can’t wait for it to come out.

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