Jungkook looks like an American actor in the 80s in the behind-the-scenes pictures for Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein x BTS Jungkook Filming Behind Cut

1. Jungkook is polite and thoughtful

2. He’s cute and sexy

3. Jungkook’s height is over 185cm? His legs are so long. He’s seriously cool

4. Even the tattoos look good, Calvin is perfect for Jungkook

5. Jungkook suits Calvin Klein so well

6. CK JK let’s be together for a long time

7. He only wears a t-shirt and jeans, but his aura is crazy

8. Jungkook’s expression, long hair, tattoo, jeans, everything is perfect

9. Because it’s Jungkook, everything suits him and he has his own aura

10. I think I saw the first painting at the National Museum of Europe???

11. Jungkook-ah, you’re so handsome

12. In the first picture, the size of the eyes is crazy

13. Calvin Jungkook is so cool

14. He looks like an American actor in the 80s

15. His smile is so pretty

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