Jungkook surpasses Jennie, changing the ranking of most streamed solo song by Korean solo artist on Spotify of all time

Changing the ranking of most streamed solo song by Korean solo artist on Spotify of all time (Jungkook – Euphoria)

These two songs were released in 2018

Composer’s Instagram

Jungkook’s legendary stage at Wembley Stadium in England

1. My favorite song ㅠㅠ

2. I love this song so much

3. I feel like I’m overwhelmed every time I listen to Euphoria

4. Euphoria is a masterpiece

5. Euphoria is the best, it’s suitable for both winter and summer

6. Euphoria is fresh in the spring, cold in the summer, romantic in the fall, and warm in the winter. I love it so much

7. Jungkook’s Euphoria is heaven

8. Jungkook sings Euphoria so well

9. I really like Euphoria, it goes with everything whenever I listen to it

10. The song is refreshing and like pop music

11. I never get tired of Euphoria, it’s refreshing every time I listen to it

12. Jungkook breaks all records

13. It’s a masterpiece

14. Jungkook really hasn’t released a solo album yet… I hope he comes back with a good song ㅜㅜ I’m really looking forward to it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

15. Isn’t it Lisa?

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I love this song, that in the mv it is preceded by an instrumental intro called Clair de lune, just makes the song more perfect. Congratulations Jungkook.


This song is truly a masterpiece. I don’t know how to describe properly, but it sparkles? Whenever I listen to it, it brings good feelings


…this is not by a Korean solo artist.
Euphoria’s artist is BTS.
It’s in BTS’s discography as is every member’s solo song from the Love Yourself series.

As much as I want to celebrate achievements, this seems like just another solo anti d!ck measuring contest🙁


It’s is still sung by only him, and not the whole group. That would be like arguing and saying dreamers is not jungkook’s song cause it was credited under BTS as well.


Even left and right (instrumental) is credited under BTS as well. I really don’t understand why this happened


it’s still jungkook’s song


Don’t jealous of his success 😂

Dot Com

The evil has been defeated. Congratulations JK


The evil is the standard i guess


Yeah Jungkook easily passed her standard aksjsjjs


The first line is unnecessary


I’m always surprised how Jungkook manage to sing hit after hit, i guess that’s the charm of being a perfect artist


Euphoria deserves all its success. Jungkook’s most legendary scenes were always with Euphoria.🥺💜

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